Q. To what extent is outer behaviour indicative of inner spiritual growth?
Sant Kirpal Singh: A keen sense of self-abnegation and self-naughting is the outward expression of one’s spiritual progress. It is not exhibited to hide our weaknesses but to actually make one feel in the heart of hearts that one is nothing but a mere tiny cog in the vast machinery of divine purposes. One who becomes a Conscious Co-worker of the Divine Plan, never assert but humbly describes in third person. He never despises any one but always relishes to offer loving help and assistance to others. He does not criticize, but narrates the facts of life in a selfless manner for our spiritual benefit.

He lives sincerely up to the holy commandments, irrespective of the results. He does not yield to the environments but adjusts himself knowing fully well that he is always under the gracious protection of the Master Power. He is never gloomy and in his heart of hearts is always cheerful, even in the face of misfortunes. He does not blame others for their shortcomings but seeks to weed them out out by careful living and adaptation. He does not attribute his spiritual progress to his own single-handed earnest endeavours but considers it as a holy gift from the Master. He is well-balanced in failure and success. He can forgive and forget easily. He is seldom provocative and is rather blessed with a keen sense of loving co-operation for the spiritual welfare of others.

He does not assert his authority nor claims any superiority over the less developed souls, but behaves like a friend or brother and inwardly prays for their redemption. He never feels burdened with the worries of others and can offer sublime solutions with much ease. He is ever compassionate in his heart and wishes the welfare of all men, animals, birds or insects. He is always full of deep gratitude, and seldom complains about his difficulties whatsoever. He is chaste and kind but hides his virtues under the cloak of studied science. He never boasts of his valour or intelligence but seeks to help others surreptitiously. He dislikes lime-light. He shuns publicity and feels shy in large crowds. He does not like acting and posing, but is always unassuming and natural in his behaviour.

He can silence his thoughts at will by attuning with the holy Naam within and by turning his attention to the Holy Feet of the Master. He is ever protected by Him and is hourly fed – nay rather every moments is blessed with the loving life impulses from the Master Power. He knows it fully well that this physical life is but a passing phase of the soul from the lower categories of creation in the long drama of human existence, and nothing material will accompany into the beyond. He does not believe in hoarding but tries to live a frugal life full of contentment. He is not allured by the spell of higher living but considers it as a strong fetter on the human soul. He does not vie with the so-called affluent and rich people but inwardly prays for their spiritual liberation from the wheel of birth and death. He does not live for eating but eats for living a life full of Divine bliss and harmony. He is not fond of gaudy dresses but is satisfied with the simple garments procured at reasonable prices.

He does not shirk hard work but undertakes mighty jobs for the good of others at the cost of his physical endurance in a selfless manner. He does not demand reward for his labours but considers the sacred dedication as a boon in itself. He will seek to help others even at the cost of his own suffering. He is, in a nutshell, a righteous man of good thoughts, good words and good deeds.

Extract from the book, "Spiritual Elixier" written by Sant Kirpal Singh

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