Both differ from each other in their thoughts, deeds, and actions. Both leave their impression in the world in their own way and the people either credited or discredited also differently from their company.


Mind willed people are those who are identified into the world and worldly objects so much so that there is no trace of feeling and remembrance of God in them. They have accepted their mind and their concern as the real heritage. Day and night their thoughts are occupied from self-intêrest and on little ground concerning their interest they lose their temper. They take the money matters as their real support and teach their kith and kin in the same direction.

Such people sometimes can become pious and help others, but there may be hardly anyone who does not want the reward of his help. Such people who are benefitted from such mind-willed people carry poisonous effects on their heads. Through their pious deeds they wish for the salvation. They demonstrate their richness on the occasion of marriâges, of their family members or on other rituals and rites. They would like to be a show-piece in the eyes of others. They are happy on their flattery. They squeeze the blood of poor people who work for them or depend upon them. They love the money concerns and for their purpose they may disrespect the other view. Outwardly they seem to be leading a happy life, but from within they are never contented. Their final abode is the world, they may leave the body but their attention remains in the world.

Such people come again and again to multiply the problems in the world. As per Divine Law the mind-willed people are yoked to transmigation.

The God-willed people are those who are so much absorbed in the love of God and in the love of humanity that there is no sign of any worldly wish in them. Their services unto others are selfless and they live hundred per cent for others and they themselves do not transcend above the necessities.

They sacrifice their wishes for the benefit of others and remind them to realize the true living in their lifetime.

Such people are the lighthouses of God. In the dire consequences in the world they guide the child humanity to trust in God and love all fellow-beings irrespective of caste, colour and creed, country or nation.

Such people help others in their worldly life as well, as for the Divine path, which leads to eternal happiness.

God-willed people are nourished with the sublime thought, with which they string their mind. So their lives are fruitful for them as well as for all those who remain in touch with them.

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