All the differences can be solved with right understanding. Darkness can not be removed by fighting but by just having a ray of light of right understanding. We should sit together in the company of the spiritual people. those who have experience with their Self and Overself,  and have heart to heart talk with them.We then will come nearer to truth. This we can do only on the level of man or on the level of soul. If we will have experience of truth, we will understand that we are all children of the same light. We are brothers and sisters in God and children of the same Father.

                        Sant Kirpal Singh

It is said that the paras-stone converts eight metals into gold.Has one ever seen it? In the three worlds discrimination is the paras -stone which turns the eight elements into the gold (right understanding).

Beyond the three worlds the eight elements finish and discrimination ends.
More powerful than the paras is the power of the Master.
He alone can shape the disciple into His own imange.

If the man understands, what he had done and what he wanted to do further,
all his heavy odds of life are solved.
If he understands, how he behaves and how he must behave,
how he got the habits and how to get rid of them now,
he can overcome the heavy odds of his life.
The Gurmukh goes through all these stages but with discrimination.


The mean and vain attidude of the worldly people do not help them to live within themselves,
and this is the greatest separation.
He who does not discriminate the dark and the light cannot see the sun of life.
How will a Gurmukh help them in other way than to pray before his Master.


Deliberating over the right understanding blessed by his Master,
the Gurmukh remains close to his Master.
A competent Master is the only manifestation od God,
and the Gurmukh being the manifestation of the Master
overcomes the self-conceit and enters into the meritorious deeds of his Master.


He does not make an outward show nor misuses the virtues with which the Master blessed him.
He takes those virtues for the benefits of others and
never uses those virtues for his own use, because of the right use the virtues are multipied and
help further to bring a flood of right understanding in the world.


Devoid of misunderstanding and blessed with right understanding
all the outer and inner senses of the Gurmukh are under his controll.
He makes no mockery of those who do not understand him,
but feels sad and unhappy, when good persons start misuseing their senses
and forget to believe in the right way of life.
He has conquered his wishes and heart, and resides in the body as its sole owner.
Once he has surrendered all his wishes to his Master,
he finds no reason to get them back for any comfortable view throughout his life.


He does not force his opinion upon others, but brings them close ot the right opinion
by winning their heart with all love.
By doing selfless service through the right understanding blessed by his Master,
he sets an example of a common opinion.

Excerpt from: Dr. Harbhajan singh, "Forever with Master, II"

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