Lord Krishna and the old man

At the time of Lord Krishna, he went to a very old person who was nearly on the death-bed. He said, "Now your life is going to finish, you will live in this world for a short time only. I can take you along, you can go back." The old man said, "No, I have still to look after my grandchildren, I have much affection with them, I cannot go." He had much attachment with the home and home-affairs. He was born again in this house as a parrot.

The nature of the parrot is to look after everything. When everyone is sleeping the parrot is awake. Again Lord Krishna came and said, "Now you can go. I see your condition, now you can go. I can help you." He answered, "I am the owner of everything here. I have built this house, I have created everything. This I bought this time, this I bought that time - everything belongs to me. It does not matter I am not in the physical body, but my attention is there. I am there."

Then this parrot died and he became the insect of the odour. Lord Krishna came and took this insect from the odour and it went back (into the odour) saying, “Don't you find any person in the world, why you are after me?"
The king and the girl who chose the creator


King Bharat and his attachment for a fawn

You know there was one king Bharat. India was named after this king. The original name of India is Bharat. He renounced the world and came to the forest for self-analysis. There he came in contact with a fawn. So when this fawn got older, it started to run away. He followed it wherever it went. His attention was mostly fixed on this deer. He even could not sleep without the deer. This deer became so dear to him. So it is said that when this deer was grown up it left this place, and the king died in its separation. What happened? This king had to be born again, he had to come in the form of a deer.

This is the reaction. If we create a reaction, we have to come to fulfil it. We have to come to spend what we earned.


The king and the girl who chose the creator

Once a king created a bazaar, full of wealthy things, beautiful things. And everyone who came there got interested with little, little things and got it back to their home. There was only one girl who looked and praised everything. Everything way very beautiful for her, but she would never pick up anything. And some people told, "O well, girl, this bazaar is going to finish, you get something and go back, after all in praising those things you won't get anything and you will lose the opportunity." She wanted to see who made it, who created it. She wanted to see the creator. She went to the creator, and said, "Who made it?" He said, "I made it." Sot she said, "I prefer you than all those things." So these things did not belong to her, like attachment, but having the creator in her, she could get everything. Still she had no attachment with those things. She preferred the link with the creator and not with the creation.

As we are the one ray of His attention so wherever our attention, there we must dwell, there we must come back.

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