Dr. Schneider: This is Dr. Richard Schneider speaking from Kirpal Sagar in the Punjab, India, and with me is my today's guest Dr. Harbhajan Singh, chairman of Unity
of Man. It is wonderful that you are able to take time out of your schedule to be with us in broadcasting for Radio For Peace International which of course goes around the world.
Let's get right to the point, what is the Unity of Man?

Dr. Harbhajan Singh: Actually the unity already exists in man, but we have forgotten. All human beings are one, we are of the same essence as that of our Father. He is the ocean of all consciousness and we are a drop of this consciousness. We all have come from one and the same source and have to go back to the same source. Our cause is one and the same. We are differentiated in the world by various ways, and those ways are self-created, created by man himself, not by God, since God made man and man made religions.


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