"This is a very important subject and today I will try to come in close contact with you, so that we must understand the real subject. This problem has baffled all the human-being, so this subject is very beautiful and we should put full attention to that subject, because that is the only subject, for which this man-body is given. Everything else in this world is a side-issue. Our purpose is to realize ourselves and to realize God."

We got together for a very special purpose. The subject is: Man know thyself. All Masters in the world stressed on these two, three words very much. Guru Nanak said it, Kabir, Christ, all competent Masters who so far came in the world, they stressed upon this subject very much, because self-realization proceeds to God-realization. When we know ourselves, then we can know the Overself.

Now, what is this congregation? Christ said: "Where more than two sit in my name, there I am". So now please forget from where you came, how you came, but you must know now, that our purpose is with us, and on this subject let us have some heart-to heart-talk and decide something very definitely, as what we are, who we are, from where we came, how we came and now, what is the purpose of human-life.

This is a very important subject and today I will try to come in close contact with you, so that we must understand the real subject. This problem has baffled all the human-being, so this subject is very beautiful and we should put full attention to that subject, because that is the only subject, for which this man-body is given. Everything else in this world is a side-issue. Our purpose is to realize ourselves and to realize God.

Why couldn’t we do that (before), what was the problem? That is very simple to understand and it is also very simple to apply it. Every Saint has a past and every sinner a future. No exception to the rule, this human body is our turn to meet God. We have to discuss the very higher values of life which we have to attain, just to overcome our problems. And higher values of life concern with our daily living and it matters much more with the attention than anything else in the world.

Man is the first creation of God. God is an ocean of All-consciousness and we are the drop of that consciousness, we are the same essence as that of God. When we came in this world, there was no other force, man was the first creation, all other forces were created afterwards. We have direct and independent contact with that Godpower. All other forces – gods, goddesses, avataras – are the servants of this holy body. Man is the highest rung in the whole creation. So his purpose is also unique. It has the first relation and that is with his Father.

This body is a wonderful house we live in; it is the true temple of God. God Himself resides in it. It is said, macrocosm is in the microcosm. Everything that God has created, that manifests in this holy body. Whatever you see physically, that is in the man-body; in the astral, causal, super-causal and what is in the consciousness and beyond that, where we have to live for all the times, where the house of our Father is – that also lives in it, in this holy body.

This is why it is said to be a true temple of God, because God lives in it. When God made man, He made the man of His own image. All holy places like churches, gurdawaras, temples and mosques, they are made out of the symbols of this man-body. Either they are dome-shaped, like mosque and gurdawara, or they are nose-shaped like temples and churches. When Guru Nanak went to Mecca, there He met Khazi Rhukandin. Khazi Rhukandin asked, “Have you seen the house of God? You are a holy person, you must have seen!” He said, “Yes, I have seen. This body is the true temple of God.” He (further) told that it (this body) has twelve pillars (explanation: six main bones at the arms and six of the legs below). The Golden Temple in Amritsar has twelve pillars; it has 52 minarets – 32 teeth and 20 nails – above that there are two windows (eyes) and above it this Godpower resounds – the Music of the Spheres –  which resounds at the threshold (of God), resounds back at our forehead. So that is a true temple of God, rather it is said, man is the proto-type of the whole creation. You are the central figure in the whole creation. All other forces are developed for the man. This world is a playfield of negative and positive power and this body is the central figure of that playfield. So now we will discuss, what is our body and how the play is going on.

Our soul has the awakening, right understanding, you may (say) discrimination. Whatever is created in the world, that is innate in our soul, all the (outer) knowledge of the world came out of the soul. If there is a question within, the answer is also within; the disease is within, the remedy is also within. All the holy scriptures are developed by the man or by the Saints. Saints tell us, "Every Saint has a past and every sinner a future." Whatever is written in the Holy Scriptures that has come from the man-body and that is in the man-body. But whatever is in the man-body that even does not exist in all the Holy Scriptures of the world. So this is why it is said to be a wonderful house we live in. But we have forgotten it; our subject is within, not outside. Those who ever found God, they found Him in the holy body; so it is the true temple of God. Macrocosm is in the microcosm. Those who experienced God within, from where could they know? “Son knows the Father and the other whom the son reveals!” It was revealed, and it is not by reading, writing, feelings, emotions, drawing inferences. These are all subject to error, but seeing is above all. Those Masters who came in the world, they helped us to see, they helped us to hear and that is the very purpose for which they came from time to time in the world.

We all have come from one and the same source and we have to go back to the same source. We are all brothers and sisters in God. Our Father is One and all these religions belong to Him. Never a competent Master has ever created a religion, rather the religions came into being only after the physical departure of those competent Masters, but by the so-called followers of the faith. God made man and man made religion. So those competent Masters have come in the world, they have come for all human-beings. They love all and they love all religions also, because they know that their children, God’s children live in the religions. It does not matter for Him, whether one of His children lives in a palace or in a hut, both are dear to Him, He comes for all human-beings. Christ came in the world, He came for everyone. It is also like this: all those competent Masters – whether they came in the East or West, at different places, at different times – they taught the same very truth with one opinion. And this one opinion exists in the Holy Scriptures as well. Go back to your Holy Scriptures, it is in there. Whatever is in Guru Granth Sahib, it is in Bible, it is in Koran the same, it is in (Bhagawat) Gita. They all came with one opinion, because they are the children of Light. They had come from one source and went back to the same source. Now there are many bulbs; our attention is in the light but not in the glass. So we are all one, we have a very fast relation in the world. Our purpose is one, there is no second purpose in the world, I tell you. We have come only for one purpose and that is: we have to realize ourselves and go back. This world does not belong to anybody.

Now this body – as I told you – is a true temple of God. A true temple of God, due to what? And that (following) we have to understand. Now we are identified into the body so much so that we have forgotten ourselves. But we are not the body, we are the indweller of the body. We have to leave that body, how can we say that we are the body? We may live in this body for a considerable long period, God bless you, but ultimately you have to leave it. When you have to leave this body, then how can you be a body? You are not the body, you are the indweller of the body, you are living in this body. Now we have forgotten (that). We are only identified due to ignorance and this ignorance has come with us because of the facts. What are those facts? Since we came in this world, we have created karmas after karmas and we are fully living under that shadow. This body is a shadow. So far we live in this body, it is a shadow and when we leave it, the shadow disappears also. Now (for example) there is water in this glass. If this glass breaks, the ‘shadow’ of the water will also disappear with it. Our shadow is due to our own self. We are not the body, we are the indweller of the body, but our soul is identified into it.

We are identified with our physical body into the physical world. So we think that it is our dwelling place for all the times. No, it is not. We are simply not the physical body, we are something beyond that. When one leaves the body, our soul – that is in the body, tied in the body – assumes the astral form, astral body and astral region. And then, when it leaves the astral body, then it assumes the causal body. So in this body our soul has vestures: physical, astral and causal vestures. And now we see the whole world with our physical eyes and we make no difference. If our astral eye is open and we then see the physical world with the astral eye, then naturally our angle of vision will be changed.

All Holy Scriptures and competent Masters tell us, “Rise above the plane of senses if you want to see the glory of yourself and that of your Father, as you are not the indweller of this world, you are the indweller of the skies.” When one rises above the body-consciousness, he sees everything very different. As you know, when the sun rises you can see everything in its original condition. (For example) You fly by aeroplane, you rise very high into the sky, what do you experience? Big mountains would appear like little, little mounts and big rivers will look like (little) streams. Our angle of vision is changed only, when we rise above the body-consciousness. So to ‘know thyself’ means: You are not the body, you are the indweller of the body, and (to know that) you have to rise above. You have to leave it, no exception to the rule. Masters tell us, you learn to leave it right now. Chris said, “Learn to die so that you may begin to live.” ‘Begin to live’ means you begin to realize yourself. So far you have not realized what you are, who you are, from where you came, how you came and what is now the purpose of human life. Nobody cared to do that so far. This is the biggest problem. This, you may say, this is the riddle of life, the purpose of human life which man has to solve. Only for that purpose man has come into the world. Christ told, “It is your turn to meet God, it is thy turn to meet God.” Everything else in the world is a side-issue. So what is there in the side-issue? You simply have the attachment with the side-issues. When you have to leave that body, what does the side-issue mean to you? You have to leave that also. With the body everything is finished with. So now we have to understand: What is the most important factor so far we have not known? And what is that theory which we have not put into practical, and which we have not digested so far? That is our purpose.

This body is given to us to go back home, to go with our Father. We have to live with Him forever. We have to go there, where there is eternal life. There is no death, there is no wrangling, everything there is life-giving.
We have already come from that source and we have to go back to the same source. When we came (the first time) in this world, nobody knows. Ages upon ages, million ages ago we came in this world and our Father is within us, in this body. This body is due to Him, He came along with us, but we are so much indentified into this world that we care not to meet Him. He is in the body, He is living in the body. We will discuss where He lives.
And we are too short-lived in this body, very short-lived. As the bird perches on the tree, so does the life in the body. This span which is given to us it is only our turn, it is a time-factor. We have to make the best use of this time.

Now we must know what is our relation in the body and what is our relation in the world? Why could we not differentiate, why could we not discriminate, what is the problem with us? You know, whatever you see in this world, it is the expression of the Godpower. The expression is the matter. It is changeable, not permanent, it is destructible, the same fate is with our body: it is also a matter, a Maya, it changes. Every day, every second, every minute, every hour, it takes us nearer to the final goal. So everything in the world is changing. So this is also matter and we are also living in the material nature. It is a material nature and material nature is negative; it is matter, only matter.

Now this material nature or the expression is due to what? It is due to the Godpower that sustains it and the same Power sustains us in this body. Now you see all trees, flowers, birds, reptiles, animals, everything is sustained by the Godpower, this Power lives in everyone. When this Power withdraws from this body, we stand nowhere in this body, we leave this body. When this Power withdraws from the sun, moon, sky, everything disappears. So expression is due to what? Expression is due to God – due that Power, that force is working behind the scene. So we are only identified with the expression and not with the Power which enlivens the expression.

So what is the expression? That is called Maya, it is matter. And that transcends not only into this physical body, physical world, but it transcends into the astral and the causal, it transcends into all the three planes, in all the three worlds. This Maya is a very beautiful design of the Godpower, everyone wants to identify with it. But what are the consequences, what is the result of it? That is very serious and dreadful!

This world is a playfield of negative and Positive Power, both are the impelling forces in the world and they have their destination fully fixed. And this Maya or matter is a beautiful play.
Now what is this Maya? It has diverted all the kings, poor and beggars and the rich ones; it has diverted gods and goddesses, avataras, it has diverted all the forces in the three worlds, it supersedes everyone and yet it is nothing. This Maya, this expression, where we are identified all the time, it is nothing but a heap of dust.
So when this body, with which we are very much identified and which we are very fond of, when it remains without the soul, nobody keeps us for a moment, it is only a dust.

So this is the expression, it is an attachment, the whole world is attachment. Similarly the astral world of which people want to have the experience, it is also a material nature, it is the astral matter. Here is the physical matter, there is the astral matter, it is also a dust. Similarly the causal region, which is still more beautiful and attractive, it is also a dust, it is destructible. What is there? There is nothing more than a heap of dust. Just for example this table here, it is a physical table, and in the astral plane this table is (also) there, but it is thousand times more beautiful; but it is a matter, again it is a dust.

So all the knowledge of the three worlds that is in the man-body. If you go within, if you tap inside, you can find the reality in you: that there is no friend of yours, neither in this physical, astral, nor in the causal world. You are the indwellers of the skies. Your Father remains beyond all these barriers. Our house lies where? Where the world’s philosophies end, there the religion starts; that is what Christ told.

 So now this is a very, very important subject. If you – with open heart –understand it, then I assure you, that you will never be misled in the world. While living in the world, you can remain out of the world. Your boat can remain in the water, but water will not enter into the boat.

The most important thing is that we are regularly (lost) in deception, doubt and fear. Deception, fear and doubt came from where? It is all self-created. When man is the highest rung in the whole creation, all the forces in the world are servants to this holy body, then where was the doubt, and where was the deception and fear? Who has created this fear, who has created this deception and the doubt? We people created them, because we were ignorant about the truth.
We never knew what we are, who we are. You are the child of your Father. A child is dear to its Father, and only the child is dear to its Father, because when God made man, He gave the second place to the man; first God and then second, man. All other forces thirst to come into the human being. Gods and goddesses pray to the Godpower that they should also be blessed with the human-body, because without human-body no one can go back home, no one can realize his Father, this is a comprehensive truth, no exception to the rule, it is the reality. Go back to your Holy Scriptures, read the Bible carefully, these things are there already, but we have forgotten.

Now, why can we not understand our problem? Because we want to be happy in the world and just to be happy in the world, we create a wish and when we have created this wish and want to fulfil that wish, we create sin, we create attachment, we create ego. Sometimes only to fulfil that wish, we tell lies and sometimes people murder also just to fulfil their wishes. So after some time this wish with which we have attachment, and out of attachment the ego, now that will become fake and void and then again we have to create a wish, just to be happy again in the world. So throughout the life man creates wishes upon wishes, just to be happy in the world, but this is not eternal happiness, because these wishes are created at the level of the senses and we are not the senses, we are not the mind, we are not the intellect. All these things are due to us.
Who created those wishes? Our mind, and from where does it get help? From us; we are the soul, we are the spirit. Without mind, intellect and ego our soul cannot stay in this body, because our soul is the indwellers of the skies. This Maya or the matter has tied the soul in the body. So it creates wishes upon wishes. Now our soul is mind ridden, mind is riding on our soul and it (mind) has misguided it (soul). It has forgotten as from where it came and how it came. And these wishes and attachments are keeping us in the body, in this world, but this is not the real wish.

Now this whole world is a prison. We are the prisoner in the body and also in the world. For example, a person goes to the prison and says, “This house is not good, it is not airy.” And then he gives some money and beautiful buildings are erected there, and prisoners start to live in these beautiful houses. Another person comes and says, “Their dresses are not good.” And he sanctions some money and some good dresses are made for them. Another person comes and says, “Their diet is not good.” He sanctions some money and then a good diet, a good nourishment is supplied to them. In spite of all those things the prisoner remains the prisoner, he doesn’t come out of the prison. Another person, one who has the key in his hand, he opens the door, “Well brothers, anybody who wants to get rid of this prison, he can come out of it.” So Masters come in the world, they have the key. They have the key to unlock this holy body. They know how to open it, how to detach it (the soul) from the world of attachment, they know the way.

All competent Masters tell us, “Solve the mystery of death and be desireless.” Without being actionless, desireless, you cannot know yourself. Who fulfils our desires, who fulfils our wishes? That is a big mystery and this mystery will be disclosed to you now. Our Master, our Father is the Christpower, Masterpower or Godpower who has sustained the whole creation and whose contact with us is direct and independent. Christ lived before Jesus. Christ is the Power who sustains the whole creation and sustains us in our body as well. He is our Father, He is our Master, He is the Master of the whole creation, there is no second Master in the world. There are hundred-thousand masters, and what they are doing and how they are doing is also a mystery. They help us to fulfil our wishes and when our wishes are fulfilled, then we are bound to them and they take us where they are already. They have become the doer, but there is no second doer in the world. Doer is the Godpower, Masterpower, Christpower. So those who fulfil their wishes, they become egoists, they are also doer-like. So far you are in the world as doer, you can never be actionless, you can never be desireless. So this is a big mystery. If we solve it, then our every action becomes desireless. So this is very important and a beautiful subject. If you understand it, then your whole work is done.

Mind in this body is the king of the three worlds. He does not leave us up to the three worlds. When by the Grace of the Master one leaves the three worlds, then His work starts. Where the world’s philosophies end, there the religion starts. There is the house of our Father, there is the (real) heaven, but not the heaven that is in the astral-plane. Mind in the body is astral mind. Mind rides over the body and those people who become dependent – I told you we have direct and independent contact with the Godpower – those who become dependent upon those powers for their wishes to be fulfilled in the world, who fulfils that wishes? Those powers who go in the astral plane, who meditate and enter into the astral plane, and there they are caught with the miracles. There are the miracles scattered like flowers on the floor. And what are those miracles? These miracles are only the astral dust. Astral dust mixes with the physical dust and allures the dust to speak of the dust. Our wishes are fulfilled and what happened? From the astral plane came the black magic, from there came the spiritual healing and from there came the miracles. All these things are there, our wishes are fulfilled there, but take it for guaranteed: there is nothing free for you in the material nature, you have to pay the price for it. When your wishes are fulfilled, then you have to pay the price in lieu of your wishes. You have to pay something. What is this thing? You have to pay with the consciousness. Whatever we lose, or whatever we pay in lieu of the wishes, we strengthen the hand of the negative power and the same power is misused against the man, against the soul.

In the beginning there was no hell, there was no heaven. When we came into this world, our way was very clear. This time we thought, we even saw that it is a beautiful expression of our Father, but later on, many, many barriers, hells and heavens were created; not before, afterward. When there was no sin, there was no prison. So hell was created to accommodate the sinners. Similarly, heaven was created for those who meditate for their good wishes, they became good and noble egoists, they remain there. Hell and heaven exist in the same plane and that is in the astral plane, and it is governed by the negative power and the avataras and god and goddesses; the heaven is under it.

And now what is there? There are only the miraculous things. This heaven which all so-called masters claim is the astral heaven. It is said, rishis and munis whose teachings are with us, it is in fine record with us, they could not solve the mystery of death though they meditated there throughout their lives, but they could not solve the mystery of death. Why? There was only excessive light and the soul was caught in the excessive light. And there was no sound, and light without sound is stationary. So hell and heaven is fully controlled by the negative power. This is not the astral heaven where our Father lives. We have to leave the physical body, we have to leave the astral body and astral world and the causal world. And does this Christpower live in the astral plane?
No! It is said, “Where the world’s philosophies end, there the religion starts.” And the world’s philosophy will end, when there is no astral heaven, and then this causal heaven, these all finishes. When this world’s philosophy is nowhere, (then) there is all consciousness, from there the philosophy of God enters inside. There is the heaven, there we enter into the tenth gate, there it starts.

Now those powers who come with miraculous things, they simply say, “Okay, take it and you are blessed.” You are gifted with it, but take it for guaranteed that you have to pay with compound interest and this is why with our wishes we are caught in the world and in this body, we cannot get rid of it. We become the tentacles of the negative power. This is why man always creates wishes upon wishes, whereas Christ said, “Love, and everything shall be added unto you.” He will give you everything, like a sweet mother, but He will not give you the poison.
These wishes which we create to live in this world, or we create attachment out of these wishes, this is only a poison, this is (like) a net and we have kept this net, we are now fixed in this net as the silkworm does in the cocoon and the spider in the web. That is our condition. Now we are identified in the world so much so that we have forgotten, because we are directly under this shadow – it is a shadow. We are not living in the reality, we are living in the shadow. (For example) Now it is summer-season: you can sit under a tree, you can enjoy the shadow of a tree, you can thank the tree, the shadow, but you cannot hold the shadow, because it is not up to you. Similarly while living in the body, you cannot hold the body, but you can solve the mystery of death, you can solve your purpose of human life. But those who try to catch it, they lose the life, those who leave it, they gain it. This body was only given to us for a special purpose: to solve the mystery of death.

Now this astral plane is open for everybody, there you don’t need any Master, there even you don’t need the help of anybody to go there, because it is a net of the negative power, everyone is welcome there. Those who stress over here or do it regularly, they enter into it and once they enter into it, they are caught there. They cannot get rid of it.

We must understand as from where the problem starts in the body. I am speaking only about the Christ-teaching. The Christ-teaching is itself live-giving and very beautiful. We should go back to our Holy Scripture and see the way in. What is written there? You need the help of somebody who can reveal you the truth. I tell you, the seat of the soul in the body is behind and between the two eyebrows, over here. At the time of death, when we transcend from the lower extremities and come at the root of the two eyes, and from there we take upward and then we take inward trend and here we take the cross. At the time of death we take the cross, our two eyes take the cross and here we die, here is the seat of the soul, here is the Third Eye.
Christ said, “If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” So this Third Eye opens when we leave the body. At the time of death our Third Eye is opened and at the time of death we leave the body, we leave the intellect, we leave the mind and we come above. All Masters say it (the opening of the Third Eye) is the same experience which happens at the time of death. If we practice the same thing which happens at the time of death while living, it opens our Third Eye. “If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light” means something which you must understand.

Now in this body we have different chakras, six chakras in the body. Now here is the seat of the soul, our Third Eye. Shut your eyes and you see some darkness over here. The thing that sees the darkness, it is the Third Eye. And below is the mind and below is the intellect. Now you cannot open the Third Eye, it is not up to you, you need the help of somebody who can burn the seed of your previous karmas; they are also stored inside. As for example: one falls sick seriously, he has lots of problems, he has to undergo an operation, but he cannot leave the body, he cannot jump out of the body, he has to bear all the consequences of the disease. We cannot leave this body while we are in the body, we are fully imprisoned in the body.
So when we come over here, we cannot come at the seat of the soul. So what happens? We simply come over here and our soul is already a mind-ridden soul, mind is riding over the soul and that takes it to the astral regions, astral plane and there it shows the light and there it influences the soul, who identifies with everything. Because we have a wish to see something, it shows us in thousand times more brilliant way, in beautiful way. Whereas go back to the teaching, what is there? You have to cross all the barriers and you have to go through the darkness. When you cross all the barriers, then the tenth gate is opened and your Third Eye is opened and this is the same experience which happens at the time of death.

So you need the help of somebody who can transcend you above the body-consciousness and give you the same experience which happens at the time of death. And what He does? He takes you above the above the physical, above the astral, above the causal level. When it is said, ‘Where the world’s philosophy ends, there the religion starts’ so it means reality is neither in the physical body, nor in the astral, nor in the causal; these are the vestures, enwrapping the soul.

So how can we find the reality in the three worlds? It is beyond. So the heaven of our Father lies beyond the astral and the causal regions and what is there? When you enter there, there is the Bread of Life and Water of Life.
Once you take the Bread of Life, your hunger will be quenched forever, you will never feel hungry and when you take the Water of Life there, your thirst will be quenched forever. When you are not hungry, when you are not thirsty, when you do not have any wish, why do you come in this world and for what purpose? Where is the necessity? So our necessity (of coming) into the world finishes with the right understanding. The right understanding is already within the soul, innate in the soul, but we have forgotten. We do not know what we want.

So everyone should have a ruling passion and how ruling does it come? Ruling passion comes when you understand what is what, not beforehand. So far you do not know the purpose of human life, how the ruling passion can be there? Not at all. The purpose of human life is to meet a good end and to meet a good end we have to attain the higher values of life. To create wishes upon wishes is not the higher values of life. Higher values of life mean to become desireless, to attain for the rightest things, to yearn for the Water of Life and Bread of Life.  We have to be true Christians and we must take the cross daily. Without taking the cross you cannot be the true Christian. Taking the cross means you must ‘die daily’. St. Paul told, “I die daily.” How? He rose above the plane of senses and the shackles of the mind and came up at the tenth door. “Knock the door and this will be opened unto you.”

Now there are many, many yogas, hundreds of yogas in the world. As I told you, physical, astral, causal planes, they are the three worlds, these are made of matter. All these yogas are the outcome of the three worlds.
If you just take a piece of earth, put it into the air, it will come down on the earth, because the source is earth. You take a candle, lit it, make it up and down, its flame will go up, because the source is that of the sun, it goes up. So hundred thousand masters, so-called masters, they are working in these three planes and these three planes are very big. It is said that this whole world we are living as compared with the astral world, astral world is far bigger and causal world is still far bigger, and the super-causal is still far bigger and beyond there we have to live, it is still far, far bigger than all. If we take this world compared with all, this physical world where we are living is just like a straw in the ocean.

So there are hundred thousand masters directly or indirectly working for the negative power and what are they doing? They are only playing with the souls, with our souls, out of fulfilling our wishes, out of the black-magic, spiritual healing, miracles. What does it matter for a wise person to see the miracles? It is just like a firework. When firework goes on, how many beautiful sceneries mix in the sky and within a moment it is only a smoke and dust, nothing beyond that. So all these things, miracles and spiritual healing, all these things, that is only a deception, fear and doubt which have no legs of its own. They stand on the legs of under-developed souls and make the man heavy, he cannot walk, has to see, it forces him to see and what happens? You have to accept it and you will remain in the deception, doubt and fear. And due to this deception, doubt and fear we are living in this world, otherwise we are the indweller of the skies. Man is the highest rung in the whole creation. All other forces in the world are subordinate to it, whereas our soul is identified and has become the slave of the senses.
So now for a few minutes I will touch to the teaching of the Christ that is very beautiful. Our purpose, what is our purpose? You know, to come down and identify, you can identify in thousand ways into the world, whether you identify into the astral or the causal plane, you can identify in thousand ways. But to come above, it is only the one way, single way. So the teaching of the Christ deals with the single way.

To rise above the body-consciousness is the single way, one-pointedness way, where your only soul can transcend, not the mind and not the intellect and you do not have the awareness of this body. You have to rise above the plane of senses and the shackles of the mind.

It is said, there is none in a million maybe one in a billion, so who is that one in a billion? That is this Masterpower, Godpower, Christpower. That is innate in the soul; that is our Master.

The One who is commissioned from above, He is only a borrowed servant of that Power. He would never say that he is the Master, he just serves as a pipe. Water comes from above and it is delivered, that is his function. If the water does not come, the pipe will remain dry.

So if anyone who is commissioned from above, any moment, even a single moment he claims himself as Master, his contact is broken. That is the true teaching. Guru Nanak said, Kabir said that He (God) is the doer. Every Master, all the competent Masters said, He (God) is the doer, the Godpower is the doer, Christpower is the doer. Whereas you have the independent contact and direct contact and then you must know what you need, how you need.

We are reading in different schools and colleges, wearing the different labels and badges, but our subject is one, only one subject and for that very purpose we have come down into this world: to analyse ourselves, that is the purpose.

Master says, somebody creates a very good college, there the playgrounds are very beautiful, the hostel arrangement is very beautiful, dresses there are very good, but no student passes from there, what is the use of that college?
The purpose of religion was to create the missing link between God and man, but religions are based on outer rituals and rites, different dogmas, casts, colour and creed (play a role). You remain in your religion, you be a true Christian. Aware the outer rituals and rites, why (should) you change the faith? Those who bring a new faith, new ism, new sect, they are not the Masters, they are not doing for this Christpower, Godpower, Masterpower, they are doing their own work, they have nothing to do with the reality. You simply have to rise above the shackles, there are shackles.

When the sun rises, the dew drops disappear at once. When you have the ruling passion in your life, there is no problem, nothing is bar in your way.
Respect your holy scriptures, respect your religion, respect the outer rituals and rites, but be true Christians and Christian is he who takes the cross daily. You have to learn (to die) before death, that is the purpose of human life.

The fear of death is due to these two facts: one, we have not learned how to die and the second, we do not know where we have to go. It is said in the Holy Scriptures that when one leaves the body, our soul when withdrawing from the body, it cannot even see its face, it is so utter darkness within. Christ tells, "The Word of the Master is the lamp unto thy feet." He gives you the Light and Sound Principal within, He shows you the Light and the Sound Principal there and it is only possible, when you see it in your life-time. When you die, there is no time. When you leave the body, where is the time? You will be dragged.

Believe the testimony of the Masters, because they speak what they experience, what they see; they do not tell lies, it is a reality. So the purpose of human life is to meet a good end and to meet a good end we have to attain the higher values of life. For higher values of life at least we start with ethical life.

Even ethical life is not spirituality, it is a stepping stone to spirituality. Unless until you don’t bear this ethical life you cannot step forward. So Christ says, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”

So where is the dependency, where do you have to depend, on whom do you have to depend? You have to depend on your own self.
Nobody is going to give you anything new, your heritage is within, only you have not taped inside, so you are ignorant; ignorant and arrogant also. So this is the subject, a little bit is only told, whereas there is no end to the competency of our Masterpower, Godpower, Christpower, and there is no end to its learning, and there is also no end to its seeing.

But we have little time, we have very short time with us. We have created karmas after karmas, actions after actions. There is an action and there is a reaction afterward, and we are bound in it and it is the biggest work which you have not done, which you have not tackled at all. You have not even a spun a single thread in your whole life, whereas you have to do a lot.

So for that purpose as I told you, I have not come to preach any religion, I love all religions, because I know all religions belong to my Father, you are all my brothers and sisters, our cause is one. Religions, society, they are no bar to spirituality; it is a right understanding. To know ourselves is a right understanding, we are only to gain the right understanding. We should rise above.

So for that purpose you remain in touch. You have to know more and more and after knowing more and more, you will feel the yearning and longing and desire to see Him. Only by learning you can have the yearning for Him, otherwise not. Without learning, without coming to Satsang you cannot detach. It is very difficult to detach from the world of attachment, but Master tells us how to detach. Once your regular vision is changed then you will experience yourself a very different person, this is but natural. So by knowing the very right teaching, the few things which I have told you, it is a food for your soul. What Masters do in the world? They will make you to forget the world for a while and give the food directly to your soul. This right teaching, the real purpose of human life is a direct food to your soul, which you cannot forget and these words will help you all the time, so thank you all.
So, wishing you all that is good for you.

by Dr. Harbhajan Singh

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