Where there is neither sea nor rain,
Nor sun nor shade;
Where there is neither creation
Nor dissolution;
Where prevails neither life nor death,
Nor pain nor pleasure;
Beyond the states of Sunn and trance;
Beyond words, o friend,
Is that unique state of Sahaj.

It can be neither weighted
Nor exhausted,
Is neither heavy nor light;
It has no upper regions
Nor lower ones;
It knows not the dawn of day
Nor the gloom of night;
Where there is neither wind
Nor water nor fire,
There abides the perfect Master.

It is inaccessible,
It is and it will ever be;
Attain it through the Master’s grace.

Sayeth Kabir: I surrender myself
At the feet of my Master,
I remain absorbed
In His true company.

I am in all
All that is, is I.
The different forms in existence
Are my myriad manifestations,
Yet I am apart from all.    
Call me Kabir,
Call me Ramrai (God the emperor)
It is one and the same.


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