One cannot comprehend Him through reason,
Even if one reasoned for ages;
One cannot achieve inner peace
By outward silence,
Nor by setting oneself dumb for ages;
One cannot buy contentment
With all the riches of the world,
Nor reach Him with all mental ingenuity.

            Guru Nanak

To grasp that Reality within the pale of your intellect
Is as impossible as trying to quench
Your thirst by drinking wine.


Unfortunately the people of the world get
Entangled in the books, wholly and solely
Depend upon them as their mainstay in life,
Without attempting to do what the books say:
“Get attuned with God.”
            Tulsi Das

Even if you study all the books,
You will not be able to know yourself.
Of course, you will get some information,
You will be able to quote so many things from various books.
But will you be able to know yourself? No!
            Sant Kirpal Singh

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