The mind works through the rays of our thoughts and thus remains too close to the situation. This is the reason that within a moment it can create an other way. Mind has easy access to others‘ hearts and is responsible for creating good and bad thoughts in them. The thoughts through the mind on the level of senses are easily transmitted because of its emotional nature.

Mind controls the soul, sometimes through lust and emotions and sometimes it creates dreadful situations and creates due consequences, but it is all the times very careful not to create any problem for its self-pleasures. Mind has created barriers of misunderstanding from man to man, which are responsible for the so-called nefarious activities from the so-called tricky persons, who are posing as masters. If you overcome it with right understanding, it is nothing, otherwise it goads you to death in the three worlds.


Mind-willed people create controversies with truth, mind takes them into the sphere of its action and shows the glory and glimpses of that place. Such people advocate their different way in the world. Their experiences do not tally with each other, still they propagate their experiences as the highest one.

A Masterpower has to deal with the adulterated situation, and sometimes He has to face the consequences at the hand of mind-willed people. Those who trust in Master and follow (Him) still differ to follow the Word of Master, though it may differ very minutely from one another. But there are blessed ones who do not differ at all.

Some people take a long time to develop the right meaning in them. It is a matter of one‘s attention, he whose attention remains with the mind and worldly objects becomes a burden of himself and for others.

Kabir tells us,

„You are sitting before the Master, your attention is moving outside, your condition is like the coarse cloth, which does not catch the colour at all. Their condition is like the cup above the pitcher, which cannot be filled at all.“

So far a man does not surrender his mind unto the Master, he cannot have the glimpse of his life. He who sells his mind unto Master, all his toils are merely lovable.

When Master comes into the world, there is hardly anyone who understands Him. It is through His radiation, which works across the oceans, that people start to yearn for such a grace above the level of their understanding. Those who understand and recognize Him, become the co-worker in His divine set-up.

Master is not the enemy of the mind, but helps the mind to understand its highness on the higher planes. He says „you are the king of kings, your sphere is very wide and vast and your real kingdom is in the high heaven (in the causal plane), whereas you have become the slave of senses and sense organs. This is your meanness.

Though the mind is restless, but with the help of the Master, it can find its abode in peace and harmony. Once the mind sees to its glory it is not re-affected and influenced easily on the level of senses. Even in the physical body it will yearn to enjoy the unforgettable pristine glory of his dwelling place.

Otherwise mind‘s condition is like a bee in the garden, flying from one flower to another flower, but is not satiated.

Most of the sages and seers of the past have told the mind an enemy in the manbody. But without its enmity one cannot learn the defensive measures. Our soul in the body needs it to develop. Those who weep, cry and repent again to follow the mind suffer again and again, and those who do not cry and repent not to do it again, make prayer to the oversoul (God) are helped. So the best solution which is equally good for the soul as well as to the mind is to create a mutual friendship till the relation of soul with

mind supersedes the mind in saying and doing. Like a mother and child, she knows about her child and gives the food only at the right time. She understands fully that the problem of her child will become her problem. The child suffers, and along with the child, the mother also suffers: she is restless till the child gets well. The diseases of the mother are due to the relation of her child.

Bhaji 3. Buch Mind

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