The mind is difficult to understand, for its net is strong and it has many departments. There is the Pind or physical mind,
Lost in the outer enjoyments. Then And and Brahmand, astral and causal mind. If one transcends all three, one realizes who one is.

Mind is no small thing, and is not easy to conquer, but we should start by changing its direction. Mind by itself is not conscious. It is the consciousness of the soul that the mind reflects. Anyone whose soul is under the mind’s influence and control becomes the image of the mind, for he forgets his true self.

O Nanak, mind can be controlled, but only through His full mercy.
When God showers all His mercy and takes the soul above all three
regions, the mind is powerless.
(Sant Kirpal Singh)

O Ram, if someone tells you that the rivers have stood still,
You may perhaps believe it,
Or if someone says that the heat has left the fire,
You may also believe this;
But if a person declares he has controlled his mind,
Never believe this until you have seen it
With your own eyes.
(Maharishi Vashisht, Hinduism)

He who has recognized the beat of his mind,
Has recognized his God.

The accounts of Lord Krishna’s life state
That he jumped into the River Jamuna
And controlled the hydra-headed serpent
There with the sound of his flute.
This many-headed serpent is the mind,
Which has a thousand ways of inflicting its poison,
And without that Sound from the Beyond,
It cannot be controlled or overcome.
(Sant Kirpal Singh)

Kabir, do not follow the dictates of your mind,
Give up this habit which is ages old;
Just as the yarn spun on the spindle,
On the spindle is wound again,
So bring your mind back
To the centre from where it came.
Submit yourself to the Master
- the adept grinder –
Let Him burnish your mind;
He’ll remove all layers of rust,
Like a mirror it will shine.

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