Excerpts from letters by Sant Kirpal Singh

The raising of children is a virtuous duty. The young ones imitate their parents, who should reflect peace, harmony, and sobriety by leading a disciplined life full of spiritual beatitude. The assertive attitude of (your son) shows the greatness of his soul. Self assertion is the innate attribute of soul which is all divine in miniature scale.
This kind sentiment is mostly predominant in promising personalities who inherit congenial environments most helpful for their spiritual progress. You need not worry over his learning late about dressing or talking. So far as his demands are concerned, these should as far as possible be met with lovingly , so far as these are legitimate and within the scope of his raising. The young sentiments should not in any way be injured. It is the unbounded love of the parents for the children which makes them bold, brave and adventurous in their lives. You must be an affectionate and bravely stern mother so far as your love and discipline is concerned toward your children.  
You may please try to lavish the things for her which she is prone to steal. You will find that when everything is procured for her, the tendency to obtain them by stealing will be overcome in due course. Simultaneously, you can ingrain in her mind that anything and everything she is desirous of having will be provided for her.
Mother’s affection for the child is innate and should not be misconstrued as unchaste. Your recurring desire to hug him is a natural human instinct. You should know that mother’s love is an inner impulse and goes a long way in the healthy breeding of the child. Every soul coming to this world relishes such loving care and affection which creates an inner sense of bravery and boldness.

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