Mind condition is like a honey bee, which hovers from flower to flower. With one attention it is at one place and with second attention it crosses the seven oceans, and still it does not stay anywhere and keeps our thoughts with it to play upon, whereas if the soul does not permit it, it cannot use the thoughts. All that is created in the world is the creation of mind, and mind wants to play with it, and is not satiated.

 Guru Nanak tells to the mind, “O my ignorant mind, stay at your own place.“

Mind creates anger, attachment, avarice, and violence, which has given birth to lot of problems in the world. Inspite of that man is ignorant about his mind. Being ignorant about the values of the truth, one says, “I am true. My mind does not accept it.“ Mind has spoiled the atmosphere all around, hardly there can be any place, which is not adulterated.


One may keep the atmosphere very clean and tidy, but when the mind comes into its force, it spoils the whole situation, like a donkey: you smear sandal oil on its body, but it will roll down on the earth.

Guru Nanak tells us in Jap Ji
If your hand, body, etc. are spoiled with dirt, you can wash clean with water.
If the clothes get dirty, you can clean those with soap.
If your intellect is filled with sins, that is washed with the colour of the Naam.

There is a way to clean the mind with self - introspection.

Bhaji 3. Buch MIND

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