The Masters teach that there are seven planes – The physical plane, the astral, the causal, the supercausal,
Sach Khand, Alakh and Agam. And above all the cosmos, there is the eight plane, Anami.

To cross the mental worlds is not so easy as it may seem to the untrained in the mysteries of the Beyond. It is the most delusive world where even the Mahatmas and the Rishis with all their learning and tapas fail to hold on their own ground. The ascent of the soul to the higher regions is impossible unless One is ushered into those planes.

Of course, one may be able to withdraw the spirit
through simran or see some light at times, but there
is nothing in there to take or guide him upward.
Many were held in these elementary stages for ages
and ages, and no help came to them.

Some have called this stage the be-all and end-all,
but they still linger at the outskirts of grosser matter
and in the stronghold of the finer matter.
It is here that the help of some competent body is
needed to extricate the devotees from the iron-grip
of subtle matter. That Somebody should be the man
who has gone through the different stages of spiritual
development and has made a pilgrimage to the
region of pure Spirit, Sat Naam, far beyond the hold of
(Sant Kirpal Singh)

Do not attempt these stages alone.
In the bewildering darkness, your are sure
To lose your way.
(Hafiz Sahib)

O Lord, if I worship Thee in fear of hell,
Burn me in hell.
If I worship Thee in love of paradise,
Exclude me from paradise.
But when I worship Thee for Thy sake,
Withhold not Thy everlasting Beauty.
(Rabia Basri)

There are millions of nether regions and skies above skies;
Man has wandered endlessly in His search:
The Vedas also say the same.
The Muslim books speak of eighteen thousand universes,
But it is the same Power that sustains them all.
(Guru Nanak)

There are many mansions in the House of my Father.

When I took with me the master of the secret,
He revealed the jewel;
The path that was a million lives long,
In a twinkling
I covered it and reached
My destination.

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