Become the friend of the true One, the Masterpower, the Gurmukh, in whom Master has manifested. The Gurmukh helps you to wash off the dirt and to rise above it.
Who was that great Power, Sant Kirpal Singh? Where can you get Him? He was hidden in the human pole, and we saw Him only as a human being. But the Godpower radiated through Him. To know something about Him one has to rise above the body. His eyes were windows of Dhur Dhan (the highest place), and with these eyes from inside He was looking at His souls. The light of His Lord was shining in Him, and He was an example in this world.


He brings us above the body and gives intoxication to these eyes. Without worldly food He was always satisfied. Through His eyes He made us intoxicated. From where was the colour that He gave to us? He was one with the Almighty, and He gave us into His hand. What He had in Him He passed on to His children. He did not want His children to be ordinary souls, He wanted them to become Saints. Our outer eyes have lost the chance of seeing Him physically. He was not an earthly man, He came from the true Home. The earthly man is imprisoned in this body, but the Almighty Power is totally free from this. This Power works in all planes, and it does not work through the intellect.

He goes to the highest stages, and to whom He wants, He gives the strength of His power to unite (the soul) with Him. From ordinary souls He made us true disciples and develops us further to bring the soul to the highest plane. He is one with the Almighty, there is no difference between them. He was given the duty to work as a Saint to develop the human beings. He was the owner of truth, and He passed on the truth, such a Satguru was He. He became the source of love, and in the form of Shabd He came to dwell in us. He is the one who bestows peace. He lives in us, and in this way He does the work. He awakes us and gives His light. Where did He light His lamp? Where His Sangat is.
Bhaji took the commandments of His Master, and then He spent some time with us. Man needs a teacher who is in the human form, this is a law of nature. He (the Master or the Gurmukh) comes into this world, when man loses his faith in God. Then this Power has to assume the form of a human pole and has to come into the world. Then He gives us the inner contact, and with this He develops the soul. With His power He can make somebody see this Power inside, when He wishes. He is conscious, and with His highest light the soul lives in that colour which He has given to him. He keeps His commandments and works according to them. He does the work, and according to His order He goes back. Such a Master must also be recognized from His physical signs, and one can learn a lesson from His life. He teaches only the truth, He lives in the plane of truth and spreads only the truth. He was not the body, He was above the body. He also wants to bring His disciples above the body and the bonds of the body. In order to see His glory the disciple must go to the place where the (inner) sun rises. If He gives this vision (of His greatness) to the disciple, he gets one with Him. He is the creator of this creation.

This is the teaching Master wrote in His private diary, which was written in an inner language. Bhaji translated it.
When the disciple has seen the glory of his Master, you can see the signs in him; you can see that he has no attachments in this world, all attachment to the world is broken. In search of Master he goes inside and finds wonderful things. And inside one cannot differentiate, if the Master is God or God is the Master, inside they become one.
Bhaji told that Kabir Sahib said to Sant Kirpal Singh, “When this Power comes into the physical world to work here, then the Almighty Power merges with Him (you can see no difference).” Then He is inside and outside, He sees with the outer and inner eyes. With physical eyes He sees outside, and with the inner eyes He speaks inside. He need not even sit in meditation, He is washed with such a soap that twenty-four hours He can see His Master. The Almighty Power sees to the Master (who works in the world) and gives Him the spiritual water, the water of Naam, so that He is not only always fresh but also very powerful.

And where is that Power? He lives in the highest heaven. He sits on such a throne where there is no physical sound and no inner sound to be heard, there is only He, the Almighty Himself. The Master is sitting in the Sangat and every day He meets His Father and tells Him the story of our heart. He writes down all our deeds, and there should not be anything because of which we might be separated from our Master and weep. One cannot get all these things so easily. When will you get it? Only when you become a Gurmukh.

by Surinder Kaur

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