It is evident, that only a Master can really know a Master, but there are some criteria of Mastership which can be checked with common sense even:

  • A Master never says that he is Master, because he sees the Godpower as the only doer
  • He stands above mind and senses, worldly wishes and illusions, is unaffected by “women and god”,
    and without wish for power, influence or worldly possessions.
  • His life is an example how to live spiritually in this modern and materialistic world.
    He lives not only an exemplary ethical life, but a selfless life with highest values.
    But to live a perfect ethical life does not necessarily mean to be commissioned from God to do the work of a Master.
  • He earns his own money and is not dependent on others.
    The donations of his disciples are only used for the welfare of others and for propagating spirituality in the world,
    but never for himself or his family.
  • His kingdom is not of this world. He does not strive for political influence or reigning the world
    and does not interfere in social life.
  • He gives his teaching and guidance free to all alike.
    Spirituality is the birthright of man, and no one is allowed to earn money through it.
  • He does not perform miracles to attract people, nor does he act and pose. He dislikes pomp and show.
  • He is not after collecting masses of disciples and does not press others to get initiation.
    He respects the free will of man and lets him first digest the theory so that he is able to decide himself.
  • He does not propagate any yoga, ascetic practices, miracles or spiritual healing.
  • He points out the truth in the core of all religions, so that it is not necessary to change the religion.
  • He can give a practical experience of the truth he speaks of and can guide the soul inside.
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