"His grace, Naam, or you may say His love - it is one and the same. It is a crest-jewel, and Master comes as jeweler in the world. He also comes in the market to sell that very crest-jewel. Lot of people come, but no one dares to buy that crest- jewel, because it is priceless. So, the whole world is full of artificial diamonds also. They say,'Yes, it is good - it appears like diamonds, so it is good.'”

The whole world is dealing in such affairs and no one is true to himself - what to say of others! How can one be true to the Master? How can we buy that crest-jewel? It is very difficult.


On certain holy days, and really that one is the right holy day, when our angle of vision is changed, or we see a spark of hope within. If you even get a spark of hope within by the grace of the Master, it is also like changing from within. It is a big thing. Then you should take it as guaranteed. Be sure that He is responsible for all the burden you are carrying for nothing. What we need - we want to destroy all the old, old things. Dirty things we want to throw away from the house. We want only new things, bright things; people like to use some bright things, bright dresses - some habits are in different countries, I do not know. But this is only possible, if that very crest - jewel that is hidden..........people are searching for that crest - jewel outside, it is hidden within. And if you get that priceless jewel, you are the king of kings, I tell you, then you need not care for anything else. Because this priceless thing will pay you eternal life. There is a hope in it.

Master always come to make people understand that everything is within, you have forgotten. And this whole thing concerns to the Master alone and to you. If you take it for guaranteed, then Master is merciful for all the moment. I tell you, to change even little bit or to think even a little bit at least will divert your attention. So what will happen? In the moment you will get something.

I know, I experienced this thing by sitting at the holy feet of the Master. If you have determined something and you just move to the Master within, he gives you something that you can never imagine also. It is a gift, which He always wants to give to His child. Because all Masters have told one and the same. That the priceless heritage, which they could not get throughout their life, they got it from the Master with the twinkling of an eye. So that is their experience, I tell you.

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