"O man, you are searching God outside,

but He is already residing in you.

You have to go within and to get the contact with the Godpower."

From all outward appearances we look different but actually we are all one. We came in the same way and have to go back the same way. We live at different places, but our true home is the same. When the soul has learned to proceed on the inner path it cannot live without the fresh food from the Almighty Power. Those who got the spiritual colour of the inner way are just like a vessel full of grace, hidden in the ocean of grace.

Surinder Kaur

With these few words Unity of Man invites you to engage yourself with the subject spirituality, so as to understand it's true significance. Actually, it is the most important but also the most neglected subject of our life.

Most of the text passages of this website are quotations from talks and literature of Sant Kirpal Singh and Dr. Harbhajan Singh. If a man of God-realization talks about spiritual subjects, he speaks out of his own experience, therefore, his words are charged. This is why they touch our heart. They help our soul to awake its innate discrimination power and to use one’s free will in favor of the inner man.


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