At the time of Kabir there was one king, Ibrahim Adam. He was the king of Buchara. His condition was that he was in continuous sweet remembrance of the Godpower. It was midnight moonlight night. He was on the palace, on the roof of the palace and remembering God. “Oh God, meet me, please.” Whereas everyone was sleeping, he was awake. So his prayer was heard. Kabir materialised and manifested there. He who is awake, Masterpower comes to him. It is very difficult to awake. Who can awake? Who rises above the plane of senses. When others are sleeping, he is awake.

So we pass our nights – in what condition? In passions, in deep sleeps, in dreams, in dreams of the world. All this happens to us in our daily life. So we do not remember the Godpower. Godpower hears us – when? When all are sleeping and you are awake. He hears you only then. It is said, such a one is made whose nights are made (who at night-time is in a conscious, awake condition)! Whose nights are spoiled, that one is spoiled with the nights. So those who did something, they utilised their sleep, they utilised their nights (for remembering God, for meditation). It is so beautiful to be awake at the night-time. See outside everyone is sleeping. There is calm, there is serenity everywhere and what you look for – that is available. You want the sweet love of God, and He searches someone, who is really awake.

And so Kabir materialised there, in the physical body and at once the king turned to Kabir. So the King asked: “Who are you?” He said: “I am a traveller!” “Why a traveller came to my palace?”  He said: “I have lost my camel.” “How a camel can come on the roof of the house, on the roof of the palace?” Then Kabir told: “If my camel cannot come above the roof of the house, you can also not get the love of God, the God within you, unless you come down out of the palace! You have to come down out from the palace.” Then Kabir gave him the address. “If you want to know something further, you come to India, I am there, residing there.” Then He went away, mixed into the air.

Masterpower, you know, can materialise and can manifest. It can adopt hundred thousands of forms at one time. This is the Master. He is the Word-personified Form. Who has the power to transmit Himself anywhere? – He who is the Power. He is the God-into-action Power. He is said to be the God-into-action Power, because His action is going everywhere in the world, not only over here, but also in the three worlds. So this Power has all possibility to transmit His power, to transmit His attention anywhere in the whole creation. So, He is the Power, God-into-action Power. So such was Kabir at that time.

And this King came to India, and there he started serving in the kitchen of the Kabir. And when he had already worked for six months, the wife of Kabir told: “Well, Master, he is a king, after all, all other people from his country must be waiting for him. You should give him the initiation, and he must go back. And I see that he is very fit for initiation.” Then Kabir said: “No, he is not fit for initiation.” He said: “When he (the king) goes early in the morning for a walk, then put some dirt from the roof of the house on his head.” And so she did. And the king stopped and said: “If you were in my kingdom in Buchara, I would have punished you and put you to death.” So Kabir told that this egoist kingship is still there in his heart. He has not left the pride of the kingdom. He needs some more time for initiation. Initiation will be given but it will take some time. Then six months more passed and Kabir said: “Now he is developed.” And this mother Loi told: “Master, for me it looks the same.” He said: “Yes, now you put along with the dirt urine and all these things on his head.” She did so. And there at once he stopped. “Oh God, I am worse than everything else. Bless me, please!” So Kabir gave him the initiation and he was sent back to his kingdom. On his way back there was a big river, it is called Dajla river. There he stopped. All the army, all people in his country, they came to receive the king. And the king was stitching something for his dresses. And he told: “Oh, I really don't intend to go there. I have no wishes to go there and govern the government. I am a king, but now I think that there is an other king, I was a false king.” So they requested him again and again. But he threw this needle into the water, into the river. “Okay, you bring this needle out and then I will come along with you.” So everyone searched for the needle in the river. But it was not traceable anywhere. So then they told the king: “Well, king, hundred thousand such needles we can provide you, let us go there. Why you are only after just this needle, which you have already thrown into the river? It has gone somewhere.” He said: “Okay! Step aside!” He put his attention into the water and a fish came holding the needle in his mouth and put it on his holy feet. He was a disciple, but he was a love-personified form. He got all this love from his Master. He said: “Why should I go to such a kingdom which is so narrow, when the whole creation is standing at His order, standing before His feet.” So this is the love. Love means, it intensifies.

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