Master has told about Bulleh Shah, as how he could please his Master. It is said, that when Master is very kind, He blesses His child, then He does everything for the child. The meditations, penances, all that is done, to please the Master. If Master is pleased, then there is no obstruction in the way, the way is clear. God knows, as how and when we can make Him please. When He becomes happy, He forgives.

You know, Bulleh Shah in the beginning, did the Hatha Yoga. He had lot of riddhis and siddhis at his disposal. And he started influencing people with his miraculous powers. So, one day he reached to this Inayat Shah, he was a Sufi-Saint. He was a gardener. What Bulleh Shah did? With riddhis and siddhis, with this miraculous powers, with the attention, he brought the Mango direct into his pocket without plucking it with hands. This is one miraculous power.

People were surprised how this could happen: "He is really a Saint, who can do such a thing", but he was not a Saint. He only acquired some miraculous powers and with miraculous powers lots of forces, those who are unseen, astral powers, they are working at their disposal. And simply to tell them to do those kind of things which they will do on behalf of yours. These powers, they are not responsible for what is done, but the one who is using them, who is dictating, who is influenced by these powers, he is affected.

So he started creating these miraculous things and when he did it with Inayat Shah he came at once and caught hold of his hand. He said: "You are my thief." he said: "No, I am not a thief, I didn´t use my hands." He said: "No, because I know this. I did it and long ago I finished it and I know the tentacles and I know how to control it." So then he surrendered to his Master. “Master, then what is spirituality? What is the way of life, how to get our heritage back?" Inayat Shah told: "It is a child play, you are playing. It is not spirituality. You can show your wisdom and that is a false wisdom. That has no value in the eyes of the Saints. These are the games of the children you are playing. After all what is the good thing about it? Nothing. You will be bewildered. And that will not take you from that sphere and you are the wavering mind in the wilderness."

Then he requested as where is the possibility? He said:  Bulleh, there is only need to divert the attention." This time He was planting the saplings of onions. First he yielded all together and then put it away one by one in the field. So he said: "It is a matter of transplanting from one field to another field. It is a matter of attention to bring it out from one place and put it and fix it at the very proper place." So, field is there. So, what kind of field is it? We are growing the chilli. If we grow one seed of chilli, it grows hundreds of chillies there, but in the same field we sow a mango, the mango tree will also yield hundreds of mangos. And now the impetuous spiciness of the chilli and the sweetness of the mango are growing in the same field. So, who has to differentiate? - The one who is yielding it. It is up to us, whether we grow chillies or mangos for us. It is the man who has to differentiate. And who helps it? Like Inayat Shah did. He helped him. Noone else could do it. He started and he got praises and praises:  "Oh, Bulleh Shah is a very high Saint, he is doing lots of things. He is giving lots of benefits to us." And he diverted to the attention of lots of people.

And his Master said:  "No, you are bewildered and you are creating this wilderness everywhere in the world. And that is all useless.” So he became his staunch follower and later on became the Sufi-Saint, Bulleh Shah. His teaching is very direct. Then what he did he say? He condemned all what appeared in the astral plane. What is created on behalf of the astral, miraculous powers in the world, he condemned all those things. He said: "No, I have passed through this way and all these things are useless, please get rid of it." He condemned the priest, pandit, all people who are the contractor of different religions, because his Master could transcend him not only from the body-consciousness, he could transcend him up to the third stage, the stage of Sufi-Saints. And there he could enjoy, his mind could enjoy the beauty of the three worlds. But even that was far better than those things coming from the astral plane.

So, our ultimate goal is what? It is entirely in the hand of the Masterpower. Because man may try thousands tricks in this world while living in the manbody, but nothing will happen. Only when we submit to the Masterpower. How the Master becomes happy? A common man, he who has not realised the Godpower so far, when he starts to live a better life, living up to the high thoughts, then he is helped, and Masterpower stays with everybody. And from above that power sees, both, negative and positive power sees as who is the fittest person in the world. Master Power also sees, if really there is someone, who needs Him, He provides direct help to him. What is He doing then? He will join us together, He will put us into one field and in this one field, His attention is constantly working there, it is the field that is called Satsang, a place of Satsang.

Master says, you should never blame the Masterpower, you should never blame the cupbearer; cupbearer is that who distributes the wine. Hafiz says that there is only one cupbearer in the wineyard and he distributes the same wine in the same cup to everybody. Anyone who goes there, is given the same wine. For God everyone is equal in His eyes. So, it is said, why we should blame the cupbearer, when everyone has taken according to his own wish, because there is abundance of intoxication within. So Master says: "Take as much as you like. There is no shortage of this intoxication." So it is up to everyone, how he takes it, how he can digest it. But Master has a lovable way to teach us, to bring the man back to the home, He has very wonderful ways and means. Out of love and inspiration together. He sends this inspiration and His love is there with Him. When love and inspiration go together, it catches the heart. And such a soul - I don’t think that he will get this intoxication anywhere in the world.

                                                                                                                                                    Harbhajan Singh

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