There was a (later) disciple of Guru Gobind Singh, he came from Ghazni. He was a poet, but I would tell you, that he became a poet by sitting at the feet of the Master, because he was inspired so much, Bhai Nand Lal by name. His attention was fully focused on the Holy Feet of the Master. And he denied all that he saw beforehand. He said: "Now, I have got the right place." He tells his own experience and it was due to his background.

He says in his book that when he visited Guru Gobind Singh - at that moment Guru Gobind Singh was sitting very carefree. So he thought that Guru Gobind Singh is sitting very carefree, so he would not look at me. So he looked at Guru Gobind Singh very lovably, but he tells, when Guru Gobind Singh looked back at him, being aware of the attention of Guru Gobind Singh – he could not bear the weight of His love when it transmitted into his heart and back to the soul. He says, his soul was pierced like an arrow which pierces this (target).

So he said that he was stunned. He said, he lost everything. He surrendered completely to the feet of the Master. He says: "Oh, one look (full) of that intoxication is now sufficient for me for here and hereafter. I don’t need more. Otherwise it would be still unbearable for me. The one glimpse of His sight was so charming and unbearable, how is it then possible that those people sitting there, are bearing it from eyes to eyes all the times?” "No, I could only bear one single sight of Him. Now, I don’t need anything more."  He says, that his purpose of human life is fulfilled. And what did he determine? - to live at His Holy Feet forever. He said, “no, it is my eternal place. I don’t find any place now in the world.” So far he remained in the holy body he didn’t move from the feet of his Master. (To live with the Masterpower means to live with Him with attention, not necessary physically)

Se he wrote down the experiences (he made) along with his Master. These are wonderful, because he compared the sweetness of his Master and took it above all the sweetness even from the sweetness of the paradises. He says, millions of paradises cannot be compared with the single attention of his Master, because His single attention took him far away from those places. Now he knows, where he has to stay.

When this book was presented to Guru Gobind Singh, the bookname was "prayerbook", when Guru Gobind Singh read it, and Guru Gobind Singh at once felt: "Oh, this is the personal experience with my disciple. It is very exact to the practical.” So he took it to His breast and said: "Bhai Nand Lal, it is not a prayer-book, but it is a life-book. He who will read it, he will also be awakened to the life."                                                                                              Harbhajan Singh

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