At the time of Guru Arjan Dev, there was one disciple, he was sitting far away from Him. So, seeing his Master, he could not sit, he trampled all persons, seeing that there is noone in his way and just wanted to be near to his Master. So, now Master saw that there are two things now: He has to keep the discipline, he has to maintain the discipline and he has now to fulfill the desire of the receptive disciple. Two things were before Him.

So, when He looked - he had some - he did in the very curious way. So all people thought that Master is angry with this man, because he has trampled the whole Sangat, but when He looked at him, He gave the attention and said: "Go back and sit." So, this word was very potent, because he was very receptive and the Master inspired him with this word. So instead the potent word, which He previously gave the initiation, he forget it and started: "Go back and sit - go back and sit." He started like this. And within few days he started to rise above the body-consciousness.

And people said: "Master, what did you tell him? Now he is rising above the body-consciousness." Master told: "Well, I told him to go back and sit. Means detach, means go back and reside there, back to home eternal. And now he always thought that he has to go back and sit there. He has to go back with his Master and to remain with Him eternally. So he remembered it all the time that now his purpose is only to do that. So, these are the wonderful ways, as how the Master does with the disciple.

                                                                                                                                                         Harbhajan Singh

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