Miracles, spiritual healings, psychic phenomena, fortune-telling, akashic records

and worldly desires are to be left aside, for these are positive hindrances on the Path.
The entire energy is to be conserved for the internal progress.

                               Sant Kirpal Singh

Master Saints never show any miracles to a disciple except in rare cases due to special circumstances. Miracles are in accordance with the laws of nature but are nevertheless terrible entangling webs, detrimental to the highest ideals of man in his approach to Almighty God. It is a subject that an ordinary man would not care to study, for the simple reason that it requires immense self-control and training of the mind, with restrictions that he would not like to tolerate or pursue.

The miraculous powers achieved after a lengthy period of time are instrumental in doing both good and harm, and as they are utilized more for harm than anything else, they are termed as a disease by all truly spiritual persons. Those who are anxious to see miracles are not true seekers.

Sant Kirpal Singh


In the astral plane there are miraculous powers (“riddhis” and “siddhis”) like very attractive flowers scattered on the floor. You need not even pick them up, if you only look at them, you will be affected and come back from the astral plane with these supernatural powers. If then one uses such supernatural powers, for to show miracles, or for spiritual healing, one becomes the doer and the ego increases. It creates a severe karmic reaction blocking the way. People may admire such one as a great spiritual personality and believe that the Godpower is working through him, but in fact it is not like this.

The Masters are in possession of Supreme Power. They only act in accordance with the divine will, they are above mind and ego and never get the doer. If then in their presence some miraculous incidences happen, they are truly the work of the Godpower.


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