Spiritual Healing

..... spiritual healing is prohibited by the Masters. It has reasons and deeper significance behind it, which ordinarily people ignore, considering the face value of the profits accrued and attributing it as service to the suffering humanity. The inexorable Law of Karma is supreme and demands adjustment of each farthing.

The human body is the highest rung in creation granted by Providence for the spiritual perfection of soul during this incarnation. The soul in man being the essence of God Himself has the same attributes as those of God, but having been environed by mind and matter has lost its true heritage.

A higher form of healing is wanted. By radiation let everybody be helped.

Question: Master, can we affect others in meditation if we are in a group meditation? For example in sending thoughts of love to each one, will they be affected?

Sant Kirpal Singh: Do you have enough to spare to be distributed to the others? If you have, then it's all right. Otherwise you will become bankrupt; you have no money in your bank or in your hand and you issue checks. If you love God – soul is of the same essence as that of God and He resides in every heart – naturally you will have love for everybody. If you have become very much charged, you need not even direct your attention, as by radiation the others will have it. By exerting you'll feel bankrupt and quit vacant. That is why I always say that I don't advocate healing. The people who are doing healing, exert. They send love, they send good thoughts, healing thoughts. They become bankrupt and exert in that way. They feel depleted, then they have to recoup.

The higher form of healing is always good. Those, who may even think of a Master can be healed. You remember, during Christ's life one lady touched the hem of His garment and was healed? (He felt and said, "Who has touched me?")

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