Lecture given by Dr. Harbhajan Singh

Dear brothers and sisters,
today’s subject is: Third Eye, Single Eye. All Masters have spoken about this latent eye that is hidden with us. We have come down from that place (from the Third Eye or seat of the soul) and now we are identified (there) with the attention.

From where have we got the attention? - From here (from the seat of the soul). The attention is working in the body, and we are in the body. At the time of leaving the body the same attention withdraws and comes back to the seat to the soul.


So Master tells us, “Your living in the world, your living in the body is due to your attention.” Now our attention is identified with the mind, with the outgoing faculties of the mind, and we are making only a little use of it. And we do not know if our living is taking us to the right direction or to the wrong direction.

So everything depends upon the attention. So Master tells us, “You can withdraw your attention and bring it at the back of the seat of the soul, which is behind the eyes, so that you know that you are the driving force in the man-body.”

Masters have told how to withdraw. At the time of death it happens - and we have seen dying persons – that the soul withdraws from the lower extremities. Transcending all these chakras, we come back at the root of the two eyes here. From here it takes upward and then it takes inward trend.
So it is said, here is the seat of the soul. But without a competent Master no one can hold you at the seat of the soul. It is the attention of the Master, which can bring (you there), which can help you to find the way out there. It is only through Him. Otherwise with so-called masters, our attention is bound with the intellect and the mind, and with the outgoing faculties of the mind.

So with so-called masters what happens? People try to recollect their attention and maximum they bring it over here (at the seat of the mind which is a little below the seat of the soul). And now there you need the (competent) Master who withdraws you from here. So now (with so-called masters) their attention is arrested here, they cannot come down and they cannot go up. So sometimes they are rolling on the earth, sometimes they are striking their heads against walls, but their attention does not go up. Lots of Rishis and Munis they did lots of other things, but they were not helped. When they stressed too much and loveably at the seat of the mind, and mind took them to these chakras, so then they were happy to come back into the man-body. So they said, “Yes, here is the light, here is the light - now here is the light! It is a Kundalini Yoga, or Hatha Yoga. Mostly it is considered to be the Kundalini Yoga, and the serpentine power from the lower part of the spinal cord that becomes active, and that can bring you from behind over here. It opens into the middle of the head.

So this is a negative experience. One is caught into the fold of the negative power.

There are such people in the world which have created this thing. They say, “Yes, this is the easiest way.” It is easiest way for them who have no Master, who have no competent Master. But those who are blessed to meet a competent One – He will withdraw you very easily from this body consciousness, just like a hair from the butter. At once the soul comes above the body consciousness, transcending the intellect and the mind and the sphere of the negative power. Here is the irony door, very irony gate, and it cannot be opened by any power in the world, only the Masterpower would do that. He has the holy fire and with this holy fire all things, everything that keeps us into the body and into the three worlds, these are burnt away. These are called the reactions; reactions of our doing, and our saying, and our living with it, ages upon ages. It is there in the form of good and bad seeds over here (at the seat of the soul and forms this irony door). So it is very, very difficult to transcend this barrier.

It is said that the Lord of Judgement, called Dharam Raj, he is holding all those things and one cannot be free from him. Only the Masterpower credits His child: all these reactions, good and bad seeds, are burnt with the holy fire, and the soul very loveably transcends above the body consciousness and reaches at the Third Eye. There are vestures which are enveloping this body. If you have risen above the body consciousness, then you are able to see something within. Because there are four vestures, one vesture is completely shaken (when one rises above the body consciousness) and now all other vestures are still lying there.

So Master has some ways which sometimes seem to be difficult outside, but those are very, very easy for the Masterpower to do. These look very difficult, because we do not want to tackle those problems. And those problems become a hindrance in the way.

So Master says, you can learn while in the physical body to get rid of the astral and the causal body. Because if we do not feed the astral and the causal body, while in the physical body, then those bodies, they begin to wither away, they have no charm in it.

So more one does something on the level of mind and intellect, more those bodies - physical and astral and causal body – they get more strong. They have the dark veil there upon the soul.

So Master stresses us upon the true living. That can start from ourselves. For him who becomes conscious of all his problems, the tenth door opens into the higher consciousness; that is only a step forward. And he who does not become conscious – it is a long journey for him.

Yesterday night I told you that untrue living, wrong living in the body, brings us lots of hazards, a lot of misunderstanding in us. As I am telling you that ignorance, greed, telling lie, bloodshed, hatred, strife, all that is negative. These are not merely words, these are the barriers, very big barriers that negative power has created for us. Outside it is very easy to speak, but inside there are big barriers, they are standing like mountains before us. So it is difficult to get rid of the barrier of ignorance, because this is the creation of the negative power. Outwardly these are now linked with us because of the mind, inside it is there, because it is the creation of the mind, and mind has the control over it in the astral and the causal plane. So these problems which are outside, their roots are there in the astral and the causal plane. So it is very difficult to overcome it.

So Master tells us, if really you want to cut a tree, then you cut it from its root, then it will not grow.

So there are three things with which we are bound again and again into this world, into this man-body. To rise above the body consciousness and have the experience is not difficult I tell you, to prepare for it sometimes it takes some time. But for the one who understands it, I told you, it is only one step forward, not more than that.

So people are there with different background. But this background, as well as the experience, that is then concerned to the one who is on the path. The one who goes in more loveable way, he can transcend it in the very shortest possible time. I have given you some examples from the previous history of the Masters. Those examples are for us to understand the subject in its right perception.

Now this place, which is called the seat of the soul, it is very mysterious. There (behind the two eyes) is the knowledge of the three worlds, there are all the offshoots, a place of the negative power, how he works there, everything is there. In this very little place, first is the intellect, then mind and above is the soul.

So there, without discriminating power, you cannot lead on the right path.

There we have to discriminate, means to know, what is what. And how we are helped there? This is the beginning. If you start with a good beginning, your end will be good. So lot of people are misguided at this very place. It is a junction.

So what is there? We have to discriminate. Just like when outside grass is growing and you do not know, what is under the grass. Then you cut the grass, now you see, there are holes and you do not know, what is in the holes. You put some water, some insects will come. What is in the hole that will come up. You put more water, more insects will come.

So when you use the discrimination power over here, you can lead to the right path. Some people when they see the light, they get emotional. They forgot the charged names and so they are misguided, they go to the other directions. Sometimes they only would like to see the sceneries, other things and they say, “Yes, today we had a very good experience.” No, according to the Master you have not to stay there, your flight should be very quick there. You look into it, charge the names and you get rid of it. It will give you the way out. So you can transcend these places with the twinkling of an eye. More you remain there, more you get the food for the mind. The light in the initial stages, in the astral plane, is emotional for the mind, it gives food to the mind.

So those who have more right understanding, more good background, Master would help all people to take them through the midway. But our attention is moving. So the charged words bring our attention back to the source again. So now there we have to use the charged words of the Master. Only the charged words of the Master, that help there. So-called people, they also will give you the same names, but they have no charging effect. So the soul will easily go where the mind would like.
Now what is there? Whatever comes there, when you charge these words – and when some power comes from the lower stages which tries to control you in the way – you charge those words, either it will run away, or if it tries to stand there, it will burn at once. You will see that this power which was standing before you, it will start to burn. When you charge further the names, you will transcend above.

So the escape, our flight upward, is only with the blessing, with the charged names of the Master. Otherwise the whole world is misguided over here.

So our beginning should be according to the directions. If we want that our eye is opened and our approach there is at our will, so we have to make the will of God our own will. Or we should attune our will to the will of God, so that they are both together. So we have to follow the commandment of the Master. Without following Him, we are misguided.

Lots of people, they are misguided because the right guidance is not given to them.

So the disciple of a competent Master differs from all others, because he has to move up, whereas all others have to go to all other places, and they have to come down into the man-body. Or their experience will be stationary there.

To take the soul on the higher planes, transcending from one plane to another plane, is with a little attention of the Masterpower. But to stay there, but to adjust with the environments – that depends upon our surrendrance and our love for the Masterpower, and upon our detachment from the world; detachment from the physical body, detachment from the mind and the senses and the passions.

If we are fully detached from these things, our approach and stay there becomes permanent. We can stay there, and we can become the mouthpiece of God, and we can leave the body at will, and we can be there.

And Master says, if you leave the body like this, you can leave the body as many times as you like. Masters say they die hundred times. In Gurbani it is said, we die hundred times a day. They withdraw their attention. They have cleared all these ways inside, and they go with the charged words of the Master and come back also with the charged words of the Master. So upward and downward flight has no interference for them, they are very free.

So, Master’s purpose is to detach us from the ignorance and to help us in giving the true knowledge. So far the soul has not developed in this direction, we cannot be conscious. More we understand the things in the right direction, more we are helped. So discrimination means, we should discriminate between the good and the bad, between the right and wrong. So Masters do it with anatomy, they go very deep into our thoughts and help us in its true sense.

Dani Dharam Das, a disciple of Kabir, before coming to the holy feet of Kabir, he was very pious, he did a lot of rituals and rites. So Kabir helped him. He did not use his discriminating power, but he followed his forefathers. What they did, he started to do in the same way. So he was the worshipper of these gods and goddesses. So Kabir appeared, holding the (statue of the) gods, He said, “It is heavy, this is little lesser, this is more heavy.” So Dhani Dharam Das became annoyed, “Who are you to interfere in my meditation?” When he looked up, he did not see anything. Kabir had disappeared. So then he thought, “He came, I could not recognize Him, I was ignorant.” Then he left this way, “Oh, it is not the right way.” Then he became very pious, more and more he became pious, more and more problems came up in him.

As I told you, problems are there in the hole, if we put more water into the hole, more insects will come. We do not think about the problems, problems are already there. We are ignorant about our problems, which are within us. Mind is spreading on the soul, it has tentacles. When the mind is little bit away, the soul knows, what is what.

So this time even before burning the fire in the kitchen, they used to wash the wood, so that even an insect is not burnt there. So Kabir came there, at that time Dani Dharam Das was taking his food. Kabir spoke loudly, “I want to see Dani Dharam Das.” His wife Arna Devi was there, she said, “Old person, he is taking the food, wait for him.” But without caring for it, he again told, “I want to see immediately Dani Dharam Das.” And she again told, “I told you, wait for a moment, and he will come.” But ignoring what she said, again he loudly spoke and said, “Immediately I want to see him.” Then the wife told, “Oh, you are a sinner, you are creating problem in our house.” He said, “No, I am not the sinner, you are the sinner. Go to the kitchen, there the insects are burning.” So then Kabir disappeared, and she told the whole thing to her husband and her husband told, “Oh, He came twice and what you told Him? She said, “I was little bit strange to Him.” He said, “You have not done a good thing. He came a second time and we could not accommodate Him, so God knows, what will become of us.” So she said, “No, husband, you should not care for it. Lots of flies can be on the molasses.” Because Dani Dharam Das was the richest person of India. And this time it was like this, that people used to celebrate Jajnas, free food for everybody. So a lot of Rishis and Munis, they used to come, and they were also given very heavy gifts, good gifts also. So she said, “We will create those Jajnas, and this man will come and we will also gift him with our riches.”

But actually when they entered into the kitchen, they saw, this was a hollow wood and this hollow wood was full of insects, and all the insects were burning. So then Dani Dharm Das said, “Oh, He was God, He was a God-into-action Power, He was a Word-made-flesh Power. We did not recognize His word, so we are misled again.”

They became so awkward that they have spoiled, they have finished their whole live, and they have not attained the godhood. “So what will become of us?” They thought like this. So they started making Jajnas everywhere, and they went everywhere. 100 000 people came, they divided to everybody. All people came throughout India, but that one did not come. So Jajna after Jajna they performed, but that person did not come. Kabir did not come there.

So they became penniless, they had no money at all then, finished with all this money. They finished with all this work and finished with it. So then both, wife and husband, they decided to suicide now that they had no money. They were the richest persons into India, now from where they should beg? It is a big insult of them. “So let us go to the river Ganges and we should suicide there.” When really they did it, Kabir stood before them, “Oh you are misguided further, you are not doing the right thing, come back.” So then Kabir initiated them and they became a staunch follower of the faith of Kabir.

Later on Dani Dharam Das asked, “Master, tell me the difference between before your coming and after your arrival, after we were initiated into the mystery of the beyond? It is a big hollow, it is a big difference. We want to know what was with us then and what is now with us?”

Kabir told, “Your condition was like a barking dog in the house of mirror.” You imprison, you control the dog in the house of mirror, it will start barking on his own reflection. “That was your condition. Out of your richness you were doing that, (you thought) you were able to do it with your force, you could not do that, it was ignorance.” The dog barks at his own reflection in the house of mirror due to ignorance, because he does not recognize that it is his own reflection.
Whatever man has created, he says, out of this he is able to get God. No, he cannot realize God, he has to leave that, he has to detach from it. So it is a big ignorance.

Then Kabir said, “Your condition was like a monkey.” You know, monkey mostly lives on the trees. When somebody wants to catch it – this tree is an attachment for him. As if there's something going badly in the street, we will rush to our house, because this house is our attachment. We will hide there. For the monkey the branch of the tree is a big attachment. So he holds the branch very firmly and does not leave it. He thinks, “Oh, this branch will not leave me.” But when really the man who has to capture it, he only gives a little jerk and then he is taken away. So Kabir says, “Your condition was like a monkey, who holds the branch very firmly.” It is an attachment.

Kabir said, “Your condition was like a lion.” When he sees his reflection into the well, he jumps directly into the well and dies there, it is an ego. “Who can be greater than me? Who is this, another lion?” He immediately attacks this lion and dies in the well.

So there are three things with us, which are holding us into the body. It is the ignorance, it is the attachment, and it is the ego. Three things are there.

These have created barriers over here, and the negative power is helped through these facts. Because so far we do not know how to remain unattached in the world of attachment, it is also a big problem. If we know how to detach from the world of attachment – (then there is) no problem.

Live a very simple and easy life. Simple and easy life will not disturb you. It will create a smooth way for you to live in this world. To live in the world, yet you will be out of the world. You will go with very easy step in the world. Nothing will harm you. It is such a detachment.

(To come above) ignorance means, you make the best use of the discriminating power that is within you, you can see everything within your own self. Master says, “This man-body is a rising sun.” Kabir has told, “Oh man, awake, your dark night has passed.” What was that dark night? - When we were yearning for the man-body. Because when we leave the physical body, we yearn to get it back. But it is hardly given. When really there is something good at our part, then we are blessed with this man-body. So after the dark night, it is just like a rising sun. So this man-body is a rising sun and during the sun you can see everything in its original condition. It is a discriminating power. During day time you can discriminate everything: “Oh, it is a cup, it is now filled with water.” In darkness you cannot know.

So Master says, “Milk is boiling everywhere.” There are lots of things going on in the world, and you go there with a cup, “Okay, please also give me.” Do you know, whether it is milk or the poison? No one knows. Without discriminating power you cannot know what is what. So for that purpose we have to make the best use of the discriminating power. Like an intelligent child, while sitting in the class, he does not want to move himself and move his teacher beyond his intelligence. He says, he must know through his intelligence, through the intelligence of his teacher, what is what. So far he does not understand the real subject, he will go on asking, asking and asking.
Means, we should yearn for the right teaching till we are really fit for it. We know that it is existing. What will happen? Our soul will cry then. Our soul will feel that it is a right time. That then there is no other way and no exception to the rule, the soul will cry, and the Godpower comes to help. Actually it is the real initiation, when the soul cries for it. And really when one has risen above these negative facts of live, then the soul is alone and the soul cries for it.

So who has to decide? We have to decide for everything. Who will help you? No, others will not help you. Those who do not help you in the right way, they can also not help you afterwards. Those who are obstructions in your way, and they also create problems in your ways, they are not your friends. They create problem in you and so they waste your time, they waste your energy, they waste your – I would say – yearning, they spoil your ruling passion in your life. The real ruling passion in life is to overcome, is to rise above body consciousness, to rejoice with God, with the bread of life and the water of life. We have to rejoice with our soul. It is to be wedded again back to God.

We are bound in this fold, it is a very big strong fold. Man in the prison he always is counting the days, when he will be free from the prison. So Masters also count those days, “Oh, we are in the body, when do we have to go back.”
Guru Nanak used to weep during the night time. Was there any problem? No, there was no problem with him. Because he came down from the source, from the bliss and the grace, and from the Eternal Home and when he saw the condition of the world, he had to weep over it. He had to weep, “Why I came into the world.” When people could not understand (the message he brought), then it was a more cry for the soul, “Oh, the purpose for which I have come, that is also not being fulfilled.” He used to cry for it, he used to weep.

So I mean to say that there is a solution to our problems. Don't be the victim of so-called things. Every step there is a hunter. And I would say, the hunter is the blind man. So he blindly kills others. If really he is an awakened person, he will never kill, he will never do that job.

So as Master told today, “The whole world is blind.” Hardly He sees anybody, who has the eyes. And those are not the blind, who have no eyes on their face. In the terminology of the Masters those are blind, whose Third Eye is not opened, who do not see. A blind man has also to leave the body, and we have also to leave the body. What will be the difference? These eyes will not work, only the inner eye will work. The inner eye of the blind man is also closed, and that of the one who has the eyes on his forehead, it is also closed. Both go into the same boat. Both fall into the ditch. So Master used to say, “When the blind leads the blind, both will fall into the ditch.”

So our Third Eye must be opened. That is awakening, that is the right understanding. Without right understanding, without discrimination power we are surely led astray. Only He who gives you the initiation, He is bound there. So this is the Masterpower which works with us.

So blessed are those, who have this right understanding, who have made the best use of the discriminating power, and they know their way back to God. So there is much difference between those and others. Some people can help lots of people, some even do not help themselves, this is the difference.

So our purpose is to open our eyes, open our Third Eye and give this awakening to lot of people. I say, those who develop others, they develop themselves.

Sometimes it so happens that some problem comes in the way. Some people need help from you, they ask you, “Oh, you are initiated, we want to know something from you.” And you are not doing that job, and you tell that one, “No, I have no time”, or you tell him something haphazardly. When that person will leave the body, he will stand before you. You are answerable to the Master, but not he. He says, “I went there to have something there, but I was not helped.” So, after leaving the body, the soul finds ways and means, how to be blessed by the Masterpower. If not, he should be blessed back into the man-body, so that he may serve his purpose in the next turn.

So I tell you, all persons who come to attend the Satsang, they are blessed in many, many ways. Those who get these things, and they live up to the commandments of the Master, they help millions of people, they can help. Master used to say, one person in the city can mould the city, can change the life of the city. Not by initiation, but by changing the angle of visions (of the people).

Guru Gobind Singh had very few followers, but he became the beloved Master of millions of people by living and doing, not for his life, but for the life of other people. He lived for others, he lived for all. He saved the true religion that is linked with all of us. It was a beautiful thing he did. Now how many followers are there? Millions became followers. Even those who did not see him, they became his follower. They gave their heart and head to him. “Oh, such is the beauty of that Master who is helping us.” Those who came forward to save the humanity, they were fighting against the negative power. And Guru Gobind Singh used to serve their families. Masterpower is that who transmits into millions of forms. He is the One, but He can create millions of forms. Really they were helped in their families.- When those persons (fighting with him) came back (from the battlefield they said), “Oh Master, we are no (longer) your disciples, our purpose is not to fight, this or that.” They went back. But when they reached their, families, the wives said, o. k. now you bear the bangles and now we will go back to the battle and you cook the food here for the children. Then they were very ashamed of and went back.

So every time depends upon the prevailing atmosphere, the current atmosphere. And what is the current atmosphere now? We can know. It is the high time for us. What high time? We have lots of Holy Scriptures with us, and they are all written with one opinion. Blindly we can follow the experience of it; that is one and the same for all competent Masters. And they have discriminated that experience so vividly that we can know each and everything in its right way. So that is why we are fortunate that we are having all holy scriptures. If you make the parallel study of all these things you will have a vision of it, you can know.

Some people come to me, they start criticizing one religion, other religion. I said, “Where is the need to criticise a religion, when everything is written in their holy scriptures? If you really have to criticise, then you criticise the so-called followers of the faith. Those who do paid preaching, but not the Holy Scriptures. Holy Scriptures are one and the same.” I said, “Yes, you can have the parallel study from one book that is written by Sant Kirpal Singh. Read it and come forward.” After some time (they came and said), “Oh, this is a great jewel, a right book for us, it has given a vision for us.” So such is the teaching of the Masters. We are blessed in this very time, that we have all possibilities. We should thank the One who has given us this beautiful house to live in, these temples, these are the bodies. So we should be thankful unto Him millions of time, “Oh God, you have blessed us with the man-body which is a rare phenomena in the whole creation.” We are next to God, we can go back.

So we should be thankful that He has adjusted us in good environments. See, what is happening in the world! People are dying only for want of water. What to say of the food? They died for want of water. They were taking the muddy water and millions and millions people died there. Master says, if He has given you everything, then you should be thankful to Him. Hundred thousand times we should be thankful for that purpose, “Oh God, you have adjusted us in the good atmosphere.” So we should remember Him.

Kabir says, “In problems we remember God, but in happiness we forget Him.” If really we remember Him in happiness also, then no problem will come to us. So this is the happiness, a happy life given to us. For happy life we have to get the happy departure, a peaceful departure. We are living in peaceful state of mind, so we should not help our mind to disturb now. Our mind should not be emotional, when we are given all those facilities, possibilities, a good life, good ways and means. What more we want? It was very hard time, when people had to do lots of things and still they had to meditate. They were not free from those things. They had a terrible life and even then had to remember. So we are given a good chance to live in the world and we should help ourselves and we should help lot of people in this direction.

And blessed are those, who become the ambassador of truth. They help others, they create this awareness everywhere. Your words can become potent, when people hear it loveably. More you are receptive, more you can help others to be receptive.

So this positive teaching also goes like a wild fire. You want to overcome it, you can't do that. So Master says, every word that one speaks out of the mouth that has effect. Either it has negative effect or positive effect.

So now in this time, the coming time, please you can write down, people would like to live with good thoughts. Now very shortly they will come up above the bad things. Everybody would like to listen to good things. Everybody would like to live with it. So who are responsible for it? Those who have some right knowledge. And so our purpose is to spread this right knowledge into others.

The purpose is not only to initiate, but to change the angle of visions of persons. We are not going to create any religion. We are not going to create any "ism" or "sect". Our purpose is only to create a chance to give the right angle (of vision) to lots of people.

How far you can live with a religion? Only up to your awareness, when you leave the body you finish with the religion. But with the awakening you can live with the eternal live. So what is better? A real life, the awakening. So the last, the eternal thing is the awakening. It is the awakening which goes with the man. It is not the religion, it is not the outer rituals and rites, it is not different dogma, caste, colour and creeds. It is not our ego or our wishes that will go with us. Our awareness will go with us. Or whatever awareness you provide others that will go with them.

So our purpose is to provide that awareness. And people would be thankful here and hereafter. And they are all good companions to each other. And what is the purpose of the Master? Here we are together, there we must be together. That is His purpose.

So it is only the spiritual link. There is no higher link than the spiritual link. Spiritual link is the only unity in the world. This is the only immediate hand, eternal force, which can bind man to man, nation to nation, because it removes all the illusions, it removes all the attachment. Awareness is such a thing in the world.

So thank you, wishing you all, that is good for you.

Lecture by Dr. Harbhajan Singh

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