Words cannot do justice to a personality like Sant Kirpal Singh

Esteemed worldwide as a great Saint of the 20th century, embodiment of kindness and mercy, He gave out the living knowledge of the true nature of man whose aim is to return to his origin – God, and emphasised the value and dignity of each individual as a conscious being or soul. Sant Kirpal Singh did not teach any new faith. He treated the subject of spirituality as a science.

His teaching was universal: He ever refused the idea to mould all religions into one, but pointed out their common core in all His talks, lectures and writings, quoting Sages and Prophets, Saints and Masters of all epochs. Competent both in theory and practice by having passed through experiences of spiritual nature, He gave a key to understand the right import of the scriptures, which is often hidden under archaic terms. Sant Kirpal Singh's books were translated into several languages. Disciples from different faiths and various nations were guided by Him to a deeper understanding of their own religion by the practical spiritual experience He was able to impart. His life was the living example of His teaching.

For further information please visit our website: Sant Kirpal Singh - His Life and Mission

It is be yond question that the life history of great men can only give hints about their real personality – what
to say about the life of a Saint.
We have chosen the form of a documentation, compiled from different sources and eye-witness accounts
from His disciples. The pi tures may speak for them selves.


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