His competency

Sant Kirpal Singh’s purpose in the world was to bring a flood of spirituality – an awakening in the world. He came in the highest capacity. He came with all full powers. There are lots of incidences at our disposal which we can read in various books. He was already a Saint, He went to the higher stages of Alakh and Agam, thereupon He went up to the stage of the Almighty God – He could know each and everything about the Almighty God. He Himself became the Almighty Power.

Harbhajan Singh

Lots of Saints came in this world, but this Power – the Almighty Power – remained hidden to them. They went to the various stages and could only tell up to these stages. They could not tell beyond their stages. Sant Kirpal Singh, however, not only told of, but also took someone along to those stages and above those stages. Go and see His glory, His beauty within! It will be a beautiful lesson for each one of us: to step off and go ahead with the journey, because time is too short and we have to accompany Him.

He is already in the heaven, He is already in each of the planes, and He is already here. This power can materialize and can manifest and can give you this demonstration (of His competency) right from His own wish and will.

A Masterpower sitting on the fifth plane has much work to do. Such a Master has to obey the orders from above (from the Almighty Power) and exactly in the same way he has to work over here in the world (He is dependent).

But your Father now is independent. This Grace which comes from Him is very independent and direct. Once Master told in the Satsang, “Such grace comes after hundred thousand years. It is not possible every moment. It may come after hundred thousand years.”                          Harbhajan Singh




Become the friend of the true One, the Masterpower, the Gurmukh, in whom Master has manifested. The Gurmukh helps you to wash off the dirt and to rise above it.
Who was that great Power, Sant Kirpal Singh? Where can you get Him? He was hidden in the human pole, and we saw Him only as a human being. But the Godpower radiated through Him. To know something about Him one has to rise above the body. His eyes were windows of Dhur Dhan (the highest place), and with these eyes from inside He was looking at His souls. The light of His Lord was shining in Him, and He was an example in this world.

Out of humbleness the Masters don’t speak about their own competency. It is the task of the disciple.
And who could bring us nearer to the greatness of Sant Kirpal Singh than His Gurmukh Dr. Harbhajan Singh?
In nearly all his lectures and talks he makes clear statements about Sant Kirpal Singh’s competency.
He relates incidences which He has witnessed personally and which reveal how people could experience
this special competency in their own lives. Some of the most important statements and central incidences
have been collected for this booklet.


Do not tread on the path of love without yearning and devotion. Yearning and devotion. Yearning and devotion means: sacrifice everything unto Him and lay your heart and head before Him. Only the self-surrender and devotion serve as a ladder taking you in His lap of love and compassion, either ascending or descending, each step of the ladder brings you the very sweet remembrance of Him. His competency and love inspire His child to surrender to His Holy Feet to be ever guided by Him. His competency deals with the practical experience raising one's soul above the body-consciousness and with overall practical knowledge of His vast creation.

"Now everywhere in the world much propaganda is going on. I think it never was like this before. Even at the time of Master there was not so much as it is now. Everybody claims something. But we must know what we need for us. You should see what you are going to get from them. You can analyse, is it food for the mind or is it food for the soul. You can verify these systems by way of intellect as well. Master says, "There are very rare (spiritual) personalities in the world." To know such a personality is a matter of experience. About the theoretical aspect of life everybody says one and the same thing. But when they give, they give something else. They teach something but they are not able to give anything."

Whatever Master did in the world, whatever experience He gave unto His children, is supreme.
If we make a parallel study of the different experiences of the competent Masters, we are impressed that we have been blessed with the highest of all.

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