His example inspired others to lead a life with higher values

Dr Harbhajan Singh, Chairman of Kirpal SagarCommissioned by Sant Kirpal Singh to carry on His work, Dr Harbhajan Singh dedicated his whole life to the service of humanity and built up the Project Kirpal Sagar.  Born on 10 December 1932 in Laaylpur, situated at that time in India before the partition, Dr Harbhajan Singh met Sant Kirpal Singh in 1961, after years of intense search.

He became disciple, doctor and confidant of Sant Kirpal Singh, who soon entrusted him and his wife, Mrs Surinder Kaur, with important duties. At that time Dr Harbhajan Singh practised as a doctor in Nag Kalan near Amritsar.

From the very beginning of his career he supplied needy people of the surrounding with free treatment and in many cases he provided them with medicine or even with clothes, when he saw their condition. Due to this compassion, people called him 'government of the poor' and Sant Kirpal Singh affectionately called him God's doctor. With his special personal touch and simplicity he could easily reach the heart of others; throughout his life he proved himself as real brother and was called 'Bhaji' (brother) by all. In 1973 Sant Kirpal Singh laid the foundation-stone of his hospital in Nag Kalan. At the same period, He commissioned him with the Kirpal Sagar project.

In April 1974, Sant Kirpal Singh gave him instructions for His further work, including initiation. When a few months later, on 21 August 1974, Sant Kirpal Singh left His body, Dr Harbhajan Singh was the only one whom He allowed to stay at His bed-side until His last moment. In spite of the great responsibilities entrusted to him, Dr Harbhajan Singh never claimed to be a master. Instead, he explained everywhere the supreme competence of Sant Kirpal Singh and conveyed His instructions for His further work, relying on Sant Kirpal Singh's statement: 'My children are scattered all over the world, when they will come together there will be a revolution of spirituality." 

In 1976, he went to Europe for the first time, accompanied by his wife. With the collaboration of disciples over there, Dr Harbhajan Singh started annual lecture tours on spirituality through many European countries. Due to his untiring efforts, the movement Unity of Man began to spread on an international level, while the main centre in Austria near Salzburg was developed.

In India, a special phase was marked in 1982, when with the laying of the foundation stone of Kirpal Sagar the construction work was started. From then onward, Kirpal Sagar remained the central focus of Dr Harbhajan Singh's work.

Dr Harbhajan Singh with Kardinal König, Vienne 1993Dr Harbhajan Singh giving his address to the audience of the Plenary SessionIn the nineties, during his visits to Europe, Dr Harbhajan Singh met renowned personalities of the public life to whom he explained spirituality as practical solution to the present problems of our world. In 1993, he represented Unity of Man as a non-governmental organisation (NGO) at the United Nations World Conference on Human Rights at Vienna, where he had the privilege to address the plenary session at the State Conference.

In the same year, preparations were culminating for a World Conference on Unity of Man at Kirpal Sagar.

This conference took place on 3-6 February 1994, the 100th birth anniversary of Sant Kirpal Singh. Personalities of various religious, political, cultural and scientific affiliations from far and wide spoke to an audience of thousands of people from all walks of life.

The following year, after his return from Europe, Dr Harbhajan Singh had advanced the work so much that the main facilities of Kirpal Sagar were ready by end of summer. He had fulfilled his promise to spare no trouble for accomplishing Kirpal Sagar. On 25 September 1995, he left his body in the hospital in Ludhiana, thinking of his duties in Kirpal Sagar even up to his last breath. Often He used to remark: "Kirpal Sagar is my heart". His whole life had been dedicated to this huge task. 

This applies equally to his wife, Mrs Biji Surinder Kaur, who, as a disciple of Sant Kirpal Singh, had lent him support from the very beginning with the strength of her spiritual achievement. The entire responsibility is on her shoulders today – not just for the outer tasks but also for the spiritual guidance.

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