Kirpal Sagar is dedicated to mankind and helps people to develop in all aspects - not only physically and intellectually, but also spiritually. It is a center for the development of man and for the service of humanity.

People can come to Kirpal Sagar at any time and get whatever they need.

Whoever comes here will not go empty-handed, but will get for whatever purpose he has come.

If someone wants medical help, he can get it. If he is needy, Kirpal Sagar can provide social help, if he wants to solve the purpose of human life and get nourishment for the soul, he can get it.

Even if someone comes only to view the place, he will get something.

Dr. Harbhajan Singh

Bhaji BijiThe Kirpal Sagar Project is being built since 1982 under the direction of Dr. Harbhajan Singh and his wife Surinder Kaur, in cooperation with many volunteers from East and West, in Punjab / northern India. All are committed to implement the ideal of humanity and unity into practice.

Kirpal Sagar comprises the following facilities:

KS Prospekt 2015 dt TitelKirpal Sagar is an example of practically lived tolerance and peaceful cooperation of people of different nationalities, religions and different social status. Overall, the project serves as a model for a spiritual life with higher values, which promotes the implementation of fundamental human rights.

Here you can download a PDF brochure about Kirpal Sagar.

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