President of Unity of Man India

bilder founders 13Mrs Surinder Kaur was born in 1940 in the village of Bhawalpur, where she grew up with two brothers and three sisters. The name of her mother was Paronie Kaur, and that of her father, Katar Singh. He was a freedom-fighter, a courageous and broad-hearted character, who supported the needy with the means he was able to save when they had to flee to eastern Punjab during the partition of India.

After her marriage with Dr Harbhajan Singh, they settled in Nag Kalan, a village near Amritsar. Whenever asked about their relation both always told “God has brought us together”.

As refugees they were allotted some land in Nag Kalan, where after some time they constructed their house with a medical practice. Two children were born, a son and a daughter. The children got much warmth and love from their parents, and this love was also generously spread to the needy and sick who came to the practice. Many helpless persons were given accommodation in the family and cared for until they could stand on their legs. This attitude was a fertile ground for the rise of spirituality.

When in 1961 Dr Harbhajan Singh became a disciple of Sant Kirpal Singh, his wife recognized that this was also her heart’s desire and followed him short time later. When she received initiation, Sant Kirpal Singh confirmed her inner vision during meditation and explained that it meant service to humanity throughout her life: to bring the water of spirituality to the thirsty hearts. Soon she became one of the most advanced disciples of Sant Kirpal Singh.

At the side of Dr Harbhajan Singh she spent a lot of time in the company of Sant Kirpal Singh either in Delhi or on travels, witnessing innumerable incidences and His way to teach and to handle the situations. Hand in hand they both accomplished the duties and responsibilities Sant Kirpal Singh gave to them, and soon they came very near to Him. Eventually Sant Kirpal Singh stated: "The Master is not the physical body, he will guide you both and you will then guide all."

After Sant Kirpal Singh had passed away in 1974, they supported each other to bear this incurable loss while carrying on his mission. Though she preferred to remain in the background according to the Indian tradition, her spiritual accomplishment could not remain hidden. Most of the time she accompanied Dr Harbhajan Singh on his journeys to the West. Whosoever could meet them or share some time with them could witness how they lived spirituality in a very natural way.

It was a dramatic turning point in her life when in 1995 Dr Harbhajan Singh left the world and the load of all the work rested on her shoulders – an incredible task. In her capacity as president of Unity of Man, Mrs Surinder Kaur was managing the project Kirpal Sagar with all its facilities and charitable activities for more than twenty years. She held lectures on spirituality in East and West and guided on the spiritual path according to the instructions of Sant Kirpal Singh, being a source of inspiration for spiritual seekers. Meanwhile she is called 'Biji' (mother), and no other name could be more appropriate.

With all her devotion she was all the time committed to fulfil the vision of Sant Kirpal Singh and to accomplish the work she and Dr Harbhajan Singh were living for: to keep the spiritual heritage fresh and alive just as at the time of Sant Kirpal Singh, never claiming any special position for themselves, but going ahead as simple servants endowed with the competence of inner knowledge.

Someone asked Mrs. Surinder Kaur about her function:

Mrs. Surinder Kaur: We are people like you and our duty is only to convey the message of Master, our duty is to prepare the land as a farmer prepares the soil and saws the seed. Then it is  in His hand to give the water. What we know we will convey to you, but we do not want to stand between you and God. But those who have got nothing to give, they want to pose in between. Our concern is only to give the message of God.

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