This  book has been written on the onset of the Golden Age, when one has to stand on all four pillars:
Truth, Penance, Compas­sion and Charity.
In the Golden Age contentment is the ca­riage and truth is the driver.
Gods, goddesses, avataras and the negative power are privileged to witness the shortcomings of a disciple of the competent Master and are free to control him without any hindrance. I could not be crowded by these powers, as my Master blessed me with all possibilities here and hereafter and provided me with all the four gifts of my life.
Credit goes to my Master who endured lots of hardships within during all the 14 years, 1974 -  1988, when He could weave the soft and golden linen and helped all human beings to shed off and throw away the ragged and dirty clothes they wore since long.

25th December, 1990
St. Gil­gen, Austria               
Harbhajan Singh

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