Spirituality deals directly with our soul. We are not the body we are the indweller of the body. So this is a very loveable subject, that gives us awareness how to live in the world. Spirituality gives us right understanding.

Spirituality tells us not only to live in the world, but to find ways and means to rise above the world, while living in the world. Spirituality tells us how to overcome the senses and how to overcome the shackles of the mind. Spirituality tells us how to create right understanding, rather rare right understanding of its special significance, which is innate in the soul. It is the work of our Father, which we have entirely forgotten. Spirituality creates the missing link between God and man, between Father and child. 

You can learn about spirituality, you can read about it in the holy scriptures – but it is your heritage. Whatever is written in the holy scripture that is the experience of those competent Masters. Their experience must become our experience, this is spirituality. For that reason, we have to know from where we came, how we came and what is now the purpose of our human life. By knowing all these three things we can feel at home and we can decide about our future life.

Dr Harbhajan Singh

"The only answer to all the difficulties in the world today is purely through Spiritual Science – only on that ground can all men sit together in the name of God. Even when sitting together, problems do arise, for each man has a different way of thinking. Guru Arjan Sahib gave excellent advice for this: "Get together, all my brothers, and let us get rid of all our differences." Learn to sit together; try to change these dualities. We are already one, but on what kind of foundation can we sit? "In the name of God, sit together."


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