Know yourself - know God

Everyone has in him, says a Saint, a perl of priceless value,

but as he does not know how to unearth it, he is going about with a beggar's bowl.

                                                                                       Sant Kirpal Singh


The science of the soul

It is a practical subject and even to call it a religion of soul is a misnomer, for soul has no religion whatsoever. We may, if you like,call it the science of the soul, for it is truly a science, more scientific than all the known sciences of the world, capable of yielding valuable and verifiable results, quite precise and definite.


He who, by the power of the Word, finds himself can never again lose anything in the world

By contacting the light and life principles, the primordial manifestations of God within the laboratory of the man body, we can virtually draw upon the "bread and water of life", rise into cosmic awareness and gain immortality. This is the be-all and end-all of all religions, and embedded as we all are in the one Divinity, we ought to represent the noble truth of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. It is the living Word of the living God and has a great potential in it. It has been rightly said: "Man does not live by bread alone but by the Word of God." And this Word of God is an unwritten law and an unspoken language. He who, by the power of the Word, finds himself can never again lose anything in the world. He who once grasps the human in himself, understands all mankind. It is that knowledge by knowing which everything else becomes known.


The only prerequisite for acquiring this spiritual treasure in one's own soul is self-knowledge. This is why sages and seers in all times and in all climes have in unmis­takable terms laid emphasis on self-analysis. Their clarion call to humanity has al­ways been: Man, know thyself.

You will find all Masters gave that you must know yourself first, as self-knowledge precedes God-knowledge. The old Greeks had to say the same thing, "Gnothi Seauton", "Know thyself!" The Upanishads say so, "Know thyself" and the Bible says, "Be still, and know that you are that." So I mean to say there are findings of all Masters in all religions; and they have given out the same parallel thoughts, which are the same everywhere. God is to be realized.

Now the highest aim before us is to know God. All scriptures say so. But to know God, we have to know ourself.

How to know ourself?

By self analysis – by rising above body-consciousness. This physical body which is shaken off at the time of death – if we learn now how to leave the body, we will know we are not this body – we are the indweller of the body. We have got the astral body to work through the astral planes, and the causal body to work through the causal planes. If we just rise above all these, we know that "The father is working through me, and I am in the father." "I and my father are one."

Sant Kirpal Singh


You must know

  1. You must know what you are, who you are.
  2. You must know from where you came and how you came.
  3. You must know your purpose of human life.
  4. You must know all you did so far is fake and void.
  5. You must know now you learn how to live and speak through life.
  6. You must know your disease is within and remedy is within.
  7. You must know all your questions are within and remedy is within.
  8. You must know that still you need the help.
  9. You must know your determination is a turning point in your life.
  10. You must know you feel fully embedded with positive and potent thoughts.

Harbhajan Singh



Man is older than all the philosophies of the world, because everything existed due to the man and for the man. So man is the highest rung in the creation, he is next to God. When God wished, then that Power came into existence, He created the man first and then ordered god and goddesses to bow before him, because God Himself manifests in man. It is said in all Holy Scriptures that man-body is the true temple of God. God lives in it, we also live in it. Both live in the human body.

What is the greatest study of man? Is it theology? I would say no. Is it knowing the law of Blackstone and other great men who came in the past? Even then the answer will be no. Is it the study of works of men like Shakespeare, Milton, Dickens, Burns? No. Is it occultism or Buddhism or Christianity or Sikhism or any other social religion that we may study? Are such works the greatest aim of man’s study? Again I would say that the answer is no.

Why? If you become conversant with all the scriptures left by the Masters, what do they speak of?  “Man, know thyself.” So, knowing man both his outer and inner aspects, is the greatest study for us. The greatest study of man is man.


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