Man - crown of creation

Man and God are fully embedded in each other.
It, therefore, behooves man to reflect the light of God around him.
God is the soul of his soul, and his body is the veritable temple of God.
                                                                                                     Sant Kirpal Singh

 Manbody – the true temple of God

We are fortunate that we have the manbody. The manbody is the highest rung in all creation, and in the manbody only can we know God.

The God whom we want to approach is already in this manbody. It is considered to be the true temple of God. God resides in every heart, and we also reside in the same temple. Both of us – our own self and God – reside in this very same manbody, which is the true temple of God, but the pity is that we cannot speak to God. To see God or to find God or to converse with God, we have to enter this laboratory of the manbody.

This is a wonderful house in which we live. The macrocosm is in the microcosm of the manbody. We have great possibilities awaiting us in this manbody; and that is, when we know ourselves, we know God, too. When we can traverse into the different planes of the macrocosm, we can reach the true home of our Father. So these are the possibilities that are awaiting us. But unfortunately, we have never paid any attention to our own selves.

Man has three aspects

He has the physical body; he has intellect and he is spirit-in-man – a drop of the ocean of all-consciousness or a conscious entity. We have given food to the body, and we have become intellectually strong; we have made wonderful inventions. But all the same, what food have we given to our own selves? Until we give food to our own self, which is a conscious entity, we have no spiritual health. And on spiritual health depends the health of both the mind and the body. So we have to consider what that bread of life is with which we can become spiritually strong.
                                                                                                                                                                 Sant Kirpal Singh


Know that

        Know that you are the temple of God.

Know that you are not the body but the indweller of the body.

      Know that you are from highest rung in the creation.

Know that you are next to God.

Know that this world is a playfield of both negative and positive power.

Know that you must create potent and positive actions.

Know that you are very short-lived in this world.

Know that your bread and water of life is in you.

Know that you must liberate while in the body.

Know that you are the living son of God.

Harbhajan Singh


“What does it profit a man if he gains the possessions of the whole world and loses his own
soul?” As we have not known ourselves, all advancements we have made on the physical
and intellectual plane are going against us.


The Lord of heaven and earth dwelleth not in temples made with hands.
Know ye not that ye are the temples of God, and that the spirit of God dwelleth in you?

"'Well, o man, you are identified with the body, and the outgoing faculties, and the enjoyments so much so that you have forgotten yourself.' Manbody is the highest in all creation in which you can know yourself. How? By coming out of this delusion – by self-analysis, by rising above body-consciousness."

Religions were made by man for his moral and spiritual uplift. These were made for man, and man was not made for them. The purpose of joining the religion is to know God, which is the highest ideal before us. Manbody is the golden opportunity that we have got, in which we can know Him, and in no other body. So all of us who are sitting here are fortunate that we have got the manbody and we have also joined various religions to achieve that object of life which we have got before us.

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