Search for God

What can other people know of the condition of one’s heart?
If the enigma of the mystery of life enters the heart,
the person knows no peace until it has been solved.
                                                               Sant Kirpal Singh


Where to search God?

What have the people been trying to do so far? They have tried to find Him by going to the mountains and the secluded places, into forests and other places of pilgrimage. Well, God resides everywhere – there is no place where God is not. He is pervading all creation. The whole world is the true temple of God and, in a miniature scale, the manbody is the true temple of God. That very controlling power that keeps all creation under Its control, that is also keeping us in the body. So the nearest approach for that is just to invert within – just to enter the temple of the manbody.

The soul is of the same essence as that of God – who is all-consciousness. And so we are a conscious entity – a drop of the ocean of all-consciousness. That ocean is swelling full, and can be called the Lord or God. Every drop of essence desires to return to its source – it is a natural inclination, and this natural yearning remains with us, in one form or another: we want to be happy, we want lasting peace, and so on. We seek the goal in all manner of ways, but the search is always outward. If we come to realize that the goal lies within us, sorrow overcomes us with the knowledge of that wasted time.


The natural yearning to meet the Lord is innate in every human being, although most people seek Him outwardly wherever His name is represented. If a man is disappointed in his search, again he turns to seek elsewhere; and so his life becomes a series of wasted efforts. As a child, man just plays. Then he goes on to indulge in all the sensual pleasures and the intellectual pursuits. Finally he begins to realize that there is no true happiness or lasting peace in all this, and starts searching for something else. If his yearning is strong enough and his search sincere, established within him, then the Lord Himself knows this and makes arrangements for the seeker to find someone to help him – someone who has already realized the Lord.

There are many tears for worldly things, but who cries for the Lord?


                                                                                                                                                          Sant Kirpal Singh

"Master is that Power which gives His glimpse on the very first sight. He will definitely give you something. His contact is so gracious – He reminds us of our lost home or our purpose of human life and helps to remove some problems which hinder the way. He softens the way, He knows how to bring this child again back to the lap of His Father – He knows each and everything."

To meet a competent Master is very difficult – but it is a blessing. Either the disciple meets the Master or Master meets the disciple. In my own life I could meet the Master after a long search of 25 years. He was very close there, He used to come to my city, but I never knew He is the Master. I always prayed for Him, He should come to me or He should contact me or I should contact Him, but I never knew who was the Master.

"I used to pray: 'O God, I'm convinced that without one who knows You, nobody can reach You.' It is a practical matter of self-analysis. God cannot be known by the outgoing faculties, by the vital airs or by the intellect. It is a matter of seeing: whoever sees can make you see. "I know there's a need – definitely: all scriptures say so. I'm quite convinced, but where am I to go? Suppose I go to somebody who has not met You – what will be my fate?" I used to pray like that. "If You could reveal Yourself to the old saints" – sometimes there are stories like that – "why can't You do it in my case? I'm convinced; I've great regard for that need; but there are so many Masters – whom shall I select?'"


Where there is true yearning and urge, there God makes some arrangement.
He comes when there is a demand. So in whose heart there is the yearning for Him,
there the pole in whom the Christpower works appears – whether someone has seen Him before or not.

Where there is true search for Him, there God extends help. The Almighty commanded to provide whatever His disciple asks for. The Almighty listens to our inner voice that originates from the inns of our heart and not from the brain or tongue. The tiny cries from an ant can reach Him more quickly than the loud trumpeting of an elephant. When there is demand and urge followed by the strong ambition to attain Him, He devises something or other. Many such instances happened. Remember that Power Itself which is working through some pole! He is not the physical body, though He maintains the human appearance.



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