Love and devotion is the keynote to success in the spiritual way.

Sant Kirpal Singh


If you want your devotion, your love of God to bear forth fruit, then be wholly and solely devoted to One. Think of Him, see Him, hear about Him and know Him. Those who help us on the way, we are thankful to them. Bhakti or devotion will bear forth fruit only when you are wholly and solely devoted to Him, so much so that you forget yourself.

When we go into a deep sleep state, sometimes we mutter something. Whatever our subconscious reservoir is full of in the way of worldly thoughts, those very things come out. We mutter something very deeply about which we do not know, because of the overflowing of the thoughts already in the subconscious reservoir of our mind.

Kabir says, "What is the criterion of a man who is devoted wholly and solely to God? If in a deep sleep state, the word of God or the Master comes out of his mouth, then such a man is wholly and solely devoted to Him."
Sant Kirpal Singh


Love, devotion, yearning and self-surrendrance is the most potent weapon to bear the Will of God

Love creates fear and respect for whom one loves and from fear and respect devotion develops in the heart of the lover. Devotion bears a higher status than love, because it could change the heart of the lover with fear and respect. The devotion creates yearning to be one with the beloved Master and through yearning one surrenders to the Will of the Master. Self-surrendrance is the ultimate phase of one’s destiny and the way to merge one’s will unto the Will of God.
Harbhajan Singh



"Devotion or love is the one which can afford us the receptivity. In love and devotion, you see, all duality is gone. It is like a sword. What sword? An outer sword when struck on anything, that divides that into two parts. But love is such a sword which, when it is struck into two hearts, it makes two into one.

"Excerpt from a talk held by Sant Kirpal Singh at Vancouver on 8 November, 1972



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