Like water in the water
and the wave in the ocean,
the humble person merges in God.
Harbhajan Singh


Humility the secret for success in spirituality

St. Augustinus, when questioned as to the secret of his success in spirituality, declared that it was necessary to accept three fundamental laws – first, humility; second – humility; and third, humility again.

The first humility prepares the ground for learning by creating a suitable atmosphere and proper attitude of mind. With a little patience and perseverance it becomes easy for a person to escape from the realm of darkness and ignorance. He must however, be truthful, sincere and open in heart and mind. If a disciple is proud and vain on the score of his worldly wisdom and book-learning, he cannot be taught spirituality.

The second humility helps in actually understanding and comprehending the science itself.

The third humility is the prize that comes to the successful student, and may be likened to the fruit laden branches of a tree bending low under the weight of its own product.


When the light of humility dawns on the soul, the darkness of selfishness disappears
and the soul no longer lives for itself, but for God.
The soul loses itself in God, lives in God, and is transformed into Him.
This is the alchemy of humility. It transforms the lowest into the highest.

Sant Kirpal Singh




Where there is ego, there is no humility,
and where there is humility, there is no ego.
Humility comes in when one sees that only the Creator is the Doer
and one is merely a puppet of His Divine Will.

Those who do not rise above the plane of senses, wholly or partially remain in duality, and to remain in duality is a sin. In spite of continuous efforts to overcome the sins and prove oneself as good and pious in the eyes of others, one tells lies and commits more sins. By trying to overcome them, one gathers the dirt of impious deeds. One hides them inside and becomes the prey of lots of worldly “diseases” and continuously remains in sins. Ego is the main hindrance in self-analysis and man-making, and with ego one ever acts as doer.

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