True love

Of all of the qualifications love is the most important, for if it is strong enough in a man it forces him to acquire all the rest, and all the rest without it would not be sufficient. Often, it is translated as an intense desire for liberation from the round of births and deaths and for union with God, not in order that you may escape from weariness and suffering, but because of your deep love for Him. Because He is love, you, if you would become one with Him, must be filled with perfect unselfishness and love also.

Sant Kirpal Singh


Sant Kirpal Singh was asked, "How do I get that love?"

God is love and our soul is also love. And the way back to God is also through love. Now how to get it. Love is very innate in our soul. This love is distributed into various things, little here, little there, little here, little there. Take the example of a flute. Have you seen a flute? There are so many holes in it. Or there may be a pipe, with so many holes and water running through it. Drop by drop the water oozes out from those holes. If you shut all the holes except one, the water will shoot forth. Do you follow? That will shoot forth full strength.

So when you are concentrated, naturally you feel some love within you

That is the means, but the question remains, how to get it, That's the point. The first way is to come in contact with the Higher Self. God is love, your love will have a boost upon contact. Until you can do that, what to do? If a body is charged and anyone else touches it or comes within the area, field of action, he will also be charged, you see? So the best way to have that love is to come in contact with somebody who is in tune with God. That's the best way. Guru Amar Das says, So long as we have got no love within us, we cannot reach God. But where to get love. Love is within us. That requires a boost - ignition, you might say. If there are matchboxes, dozens of matchboxes put into the oven, but will they heat anybody, anything? Will it make your water warm, hot? No. But if you ignite one match, then? So that requires ignition.

If you want to love someone, have constant remembrance

And the other way is if you want to love someone, or you have got love for someone, what would you do? You have constant remembrance of him. Or, as a corollary, if you want to have love for somebody, remember him...

Love comes when you come in contact with God-into-Expression Power, Naam or Word.

Until you have that love within you, come in contact with God into expression power, He Who is Word made Flesh, that's all. All scriptures say those who love can know God, not otherwise. Who do not know love, cannot know God. Tenth Guru proclaims, "Hear ye all, hear ye all." What? "Whoever loves, will meet God. Not otherwise."

So love is within you, and when you come in contact with higher love, by concentration, you'll be charged. That is why if you go to a man who sells perfumes, scents, he may not give you anything, but the atmosphere is charged with perfume. You'll have all perfume. If he gives you one small vial, then? So a Godman is overflowing with the love and intoxication of God. Naturally those who come in contact with That, within that field of action, they will have it; a boost for God, love for God. Just like a strong man, a wrestler, who is overflowing with might, strength, when you see him, by seeing him, naturally some desire comes within you to be like him, is it not so? So radiation works, you see. That's the best way.

Sant Kirpal Singh


Talk given by Sant Kirpal Singh, January 26, 1964 in Washington, D.C.
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"Once it happened in the time of the tenth Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh (these are God-intoxicated people, mind that), that he sat down and was praying to God: "O Lord, all of this, everything is Your emanation; it is Yours; You are immanent in every form; everything is Thine; You are all this that we see; it is all Thine, whether it is the earth or the sky or the stars or the rivers or the mountains, it is all Thou, Yourself, Thou, Thyself." Then, in that intoxication, he said, "It is You, it is You, everything is You personified." Then he began repeating: "It is all You, it is all You, it is all You," and in that intoxication he sat for three days – lost."



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