Role of man and woman

Spirituality is one and the same for all, whether woman or man. Being a woman makes no difference – they are all souls.
Soul is of the same essence as that of God. The possibility is the same for a woman as for a man.
Sant Kirpal Singh


Every human being has a purpose in his life. In reality this purpose in life is the same for each one of us. Both (man and woman) cannot live without each other. Whereas the woman is the inspiration to the husband, to the children, and can be inspiration to the surroundings as well. Christ has told in the Bible, “Husband should love his wife as Christ loves the Church.” What does it mean? It is a beautiful thing to live with it. If really we live with it then there will be no problem in the world. Because the woman is a source of bliss, and in the womb of the mother she gives the right understanding to the unborn child, blessed by the light and sound principle that was taught by all the competent Masters of the world. When the child comes out of the womb of the mother, it cries due to its detachment. What do we do? We show the light or we ring the bell, and the child feels happy with it.

Now what should we do on this matter? When the woman cries, she would only need the love and favour from the man. If it is not given, her heart becomes stone-like, and whatever and whosoever she lived with in the past, that becomes fake and void for her.

I would like to tell you that our purpose in this world is very unique, and we should love others as we do love our dear ones. This is the way to expand our own self to embrace the whole humanity, and prove ourselves as human beings in the true sense of the world.

Only when we rise above the narrow confines of our own self, our own family, our own community or nation, we can take into our hearts the concerns and sufferings of our near and far neighbours. It is the way for any individual, and it is the noble task of those who help the cause of others.

Dr Harbhajan Singh; human rights conference Wien, 1993



"God is the God of all, men and women alike. Each has one’s own sphere but part of one is complementary to that of the other, and together they make a composite whole and work better for evolving the best in them."

Excerpt from a letter by Sant Kirpal Singh

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