One learns swimming in water. You must be alive to your mundane obligations and try to meet with the challenge as best as you can and leave the rest to Him. If you will keep the target of your spiritual progress in the forefront, the pinching effect of worldly pains will be lost with the grace of the Master. An elegant horseman keeps both of his feet well fixed in the stirrups. If you will run Godward, all else will follow of its own accord. A disciplined life is an asset; make it a principle to be always happy, cheerful and grateful.                            Sant Kirpal Singh                    


So we are to be just and friendly to everyone.
To be sincere and to be true to one's self.
To be good and to do good to others.

To make others happy.
To comfort the sick and the afflicted.
To serve the poor and the needy.
To love God and all His creation: man, animals,
Birds, reptiles, and also the least conscious.
They are all members of the One family of God.

There is only one caste, one religion and one God.
There is only one caste - the caste of humanity.
There is only one religion - the religion of love.
There is only one Dharma - the Dharma of Truth
There is only one God - the Omnipresent
The Omniscient, the Omnipotent.
There is one language - the language of the heart.

                                     Sant Kirpal Singh




"Man comes in the world with positive views. He has contentment, love and compassion; he has awakening and discrimination,and he has the intellect which has direct link with all those possibilities. And the intellect is linked with the spirit, with our Self. By using them, we can become the men of actions. Kabir says, that only the men of actions can cross the worldly ocean. They make the best use of the talents which are gifts from God."

In this brochure named "science of the soul", you find different aricles regarding the art of life and the science of the soul


Ahimsa or non-injury to all living creatures, and more so to fellow beings, by thoughts, words and deeds - the injunction in this behalf being: "Injure not a human heart for it is the seat of God." It is an ennobling virtue that brings each one to par with his or her fellow beings and ultimately leads to the principle of the brotherhood of man and the Fatherhood of God.

The cultivation of this virtue demands a broad development of toleration towards all, irrespective of their shortcomings and failures. To radiate the grand principle of the family of man on the divine ground of loving and compassionate desire for the well-being of all, costs very little but counts very much. A heart full of divine compassion is the abode of all virtues.

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