Spirituality, or rising from the lower realms of existence to higher realms of untold bliss and harmony, is not difficult. It is the “man making” which is difficult. When one undertakes to reach a certain goal in any field of human activity, it is necessary to take stock of one’s progress from time to time. It is only through such stocktaking that one can become conscious of one’s shortcomings and errors, eradicate and uproot them and plan out future progress.

Sant Kirpal Singh


Spiritual diaries

Spiritual diaries have been prescribed after careful thought, and with deep purpose. Daily self-introspection must be kept up, and through this you will be able to see for yourself how far you are coming out of the senses’ influence. With the Satguru’s mercy one gets a little connection with the Light and Sound Principle, but if the life is not kept pure and chaste, the curtain of darkness will obscure the Light again.

The diary is meant for one’s personal use and helps to bring out many of the hidden underlying weaknesses to the surface so that one may begin to see them and try to remove them one by one, and with their removal life becomes pleasant and spiritual progress is accelerated.

Sant Kirpal Singh



A tiny seed contains a mighty oak in its heart which can blossom into fullness by proper nourishment and protection. All young and tender saplings do need hand-watering, periodical weeding, fertilising and protective hedging against the stray wayside cattle so that the saplings are not harmed. In due course of time the tree grows into full maturity, providing shade and shelter to the wayside travellers and becoming a source of help and inspiration to others.


The human body is the temple of God. In order to attain super-consciousness, one has to withdraw from all the physical attachments. So long as we remain identified with external objects, we cannot assume a subtle form. All Masters say that when you have got a manbody, the highest thing is to attach yourself to God. Wherever you will be attached, there will you go.

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