Wishes and detachment

Between God and spirit, there is no other obstacle but that of a veil of the mind.
If this veil were to stop fluttering in the breeze of desires, as it does at the present,
the spirit can take in directly the cosmic energy from its very source.

Sant Kirpal Singh


Everyone wants to be happy, and for this creates wishes

What is the fate of the common man in the world (who has no access to the true inner happiness)? Everyone wants to be happy, and to remain happy everyone has to create a wish. After creating a wish we have to determine something and we make a lot of efforts to fulfil our wishes. We even create sins we do something contrary to what Master told. When this wish is fulfilled, it becomes attachment. You have gained something. It is your attachment, because you put in a lot of efforts to fulfil this wish. When it is fulfilled, it becomes attachment, you embrace it. With attachment naturally ego will come, because you became the doer. Once you become the doer, there is a reaction, because when while in the body, you become the doer, then you have to pay the price for it. So after some time the same wish becomes fake and void and you again have to create another wish just to be happy in the world. The whole life man does one and the same thing: He creates wishes upon wishes, and then those wishes become attachment.

It is our birthright to solve the mystery of death, the riddle of life. Otherwise this chance may or may not be given again. It is our turn to meet God. Everything in the world is a side issue. Because, now we are identified in the world and we are in the big attachment. Our attention is focused on certain things. What is there in the attachment? Man has to suffer both ways. If those attachments leave us we suffer, if we leave those attachments still we have to suffer. Therefore the Masters tell us, "Never create any attachment in the world."

If we do not learn how to leave the attachment this attachment goes with us, in all forms. Whether we are caught in transmigration, whether we come back into the body, whether we stay in the astral plane, whether we rise above the astral plane. So far one does not rise above the causal plane, this attachment remains there, because only after rising above the causal plane one knows the cause and effect, then one is dreaded of doing something in the world that can bring attachment to the soul.

So Master tells us, "Leave this body and the three worlds." Neither this body belongs to you, nor the three worlds belong to you. Where the world philosophies end there the religion starts. Because your subject will only start when you rise above all those planes. We start to see something and merge with it and then we forget, forget our journey.

So Masters tell us to have the contentment. We should be fully contented with our holy scriptures, with what they tell us. What the Masters tell us, we should be fully contented with it. Some time His word seems to be very strange for ordinary persons. Some people say, "No, we cannot do this, how can we leave the world and worldly affairs.” The masters never say to leave the world and go to the wilderness. They tell us, how to live unattached in the world of attachment.                              Harbhajan Singh


Three things are mostly needed: chastity is needed, contentment is needed, forgiveness is needed. If you follow these three virtues you can at least be not affected by the world outside.

In Golden Age contentment is the carriage. What is meant with carriage? Carriage is this body. Your whole body along with the mind, intellect, should be fully contented. Full contentment means, you should not have any wish, not any wish that concerns only you. Master says, if you have a wish, you should have a wish to live for others, to sacrifice your life for other's cause, for the higher values of life. Contentment means to be fully contented, that you have got everything in you. You don't need anything from the world.                            

 The most creditable time in the life of man is that which interests his soul, and not that wihch interests his wishes.

 Harbhajan Singh

"Attachment in the world is very miserable. To live unattached in the world of attachments seems to be very difficult for a common person. But if Master raises us above these attachments, we know the very secret of life, and then we are not disturbed about it."

You have just been listening to the teaching of the great Master Sant Kirpal Singh. The purpose of all the competent Masters who have come in the world so far, was one and the same. This teaching directly concerns man, man must become man by overcoming his failures, his attachments, and those Masters were the practical examples we had with us. First they showed us the very art of life they lived with, and then they gave a demonstration to all others who came to them.

Zoroaster was once asked what is wanted to know God.
He said, "Righteousness". He was then asked, "What is Righteousness?"
He replied, "Good thoughts, good words and good deeds."

Lord Krishna and the old man

At the time of Lord Krishna, he went to a very old person who was nearly on the death-bed. He said, "Now your life is going to finish, you will live in this world for a short time only. I can take you along, you can go back." The old man said, "No, I have still to look after my grandchildren, I have much affection with them, I cannot go." He had much attachment with the home and home-affairs. He was born again in this house as a parrot.

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