Mind - Intellect - Ego

The mind by itself is not conscious. It is the consciousness of the soul that the mind reflects.
Anyone whose soul is under the mind’s influence and control becomes an image of the mind, for he forgets his true self.
We call this ego or I-hood for one thinks, "I am everything". God plus mind is man and man minus mind is God.

In the temple of God (the body), the mind drags us downward, away from the truth. It is because of the mind that we cannot partake of that which is inside us. It drags us down like a weight of iron. In turn the senses are dragging the mind, and the pleasures of the world are dragging the senses. If the attention withdraws from outer environments, leave the senses and calms the mind, then only does it realize that it is soul. Our mind is the barrier between soul and God

                                                                                  Sant Kirpal Singh


Man consists of three parts: the body, the mind and the soul. In spirituality mind is defined not only as emotions and feelings but also consists of intellect, the self-assertive ego, our imaginations and wishes, as well as the stored karmic impressions of this life and all previous lives.

The whole world is in the grip and mercy of the mind. Mind is made of matter, it takes the energy from the soul and has acquired astral form in the body and works with four different phases:

  1.  It absorbs the attention (the attention is the outer expression of soul, soul is working outside through the attention)
  2. The result of the attention i.e. its activities
  3. It differentiates through the intellect and affects the intellect in its own way
  4. Draws inferences out of differentiation

The mind keeps the man busy through reading, writing, feeling, emotion, drawing inferences on its own way. It also creates desires and identifies itself through the senses and sense organs. Temporarily it has made the soul blind and the soul does not discriminate since the procedure, the mind has developed, is very tedious and uneven.

Guru Nanak tells us, "The whole world is blind. The one who does not see is not blind, but blind is the one whose inner eye is not opened.“ So the whole world differs on the level of their minds‘ activities, i.e. thoughts, feelings, emotions and drawing inferences.

There is a proverb of blind persons who differ in describing the elephant on their feelings. He who felt the leg of the elephant said that the elephant is like a pillar. The other who felt the ear of the elephant said, the elephant is like a fan. The other who felt the stomach of the elephant said, the elephant is like a barrel. The other who felt the tail of the elephant said, the elephant is like a rope. No one of the blind persons had actually seen the elephant. They express (the image they have got) on their own feelings only.

Those who speak through feelings, themselves are governed by/with feelings. So the controversies are due to the individual‘s feelings, emotions and drawing inferences etc. But not by seeing. In this world everybody speaks from his own knowledge. The one who reaches (his knowledge) through inferences will restrict his way through inferences and he who has got (his knowledge) through emotions, he will tell (it) emotionally. So the whole world is afflicted with attachment and sins.                                           Harbhajan Singh


The intellect a balance

The intellect is a balance. What is meant with balance? It is an instrument that balances everything. It can balance whether a thought is in accordance with the wish of God, it is right or it is wrong, it can balance everything. So it is important to get our intellect free from the poisonous sting of the mind and he whose intellect is free from the mind such one is called a man of holy wisdom, pure intellect (which is takings its standards not from the mind but from the soul). So what the pure intellect tells us, he only would tell us what is in accordance with our own purpose, the purpose of the soul.

Masters come in the world to remove the controversies on the level of feelings and emotions. They help to make them see who do not see and make them hear who do not hear the voice of God. So long as our mind is not at rest, our intellect and senses are not stilled it is not possible (to have an inner experience).it is only possible through the WORD of the competent Master, who with His gracious attention arrests our attention, which is identified outside with the mind and the outgoing faculties of the mind.

He who separates the soul from the mind, and mind from the senses and senses from the senses organs and passions can get rid of the tentacles of the mind and attains the right understanding. More one does on right understanding, more one gets the grace of God.

Harbhajan Singh


One cannot comprehend Him through reason,
Even if one reasoned for ages;
One cannot achieve inner peace
By outward silence,
Nor by setting oneself dumb for ages;
One cannot buy contentment
With all the riches of the world,
Nor reach Him with all mental ingenuity.

            Guru Nanak

Both differ from each other in their thoughts, deeds, and actions. Both leave their impression in the world in their own way and the people either credited or discredited also differently from their company.

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