Right understanding

He who separates the soul from the mind, mind from the senses and senses from the passions, gains the right understanding. Right understanding will help you in right thoughts and right thought will give you right speech and right actions, thus it will develop love for all human beings.

Dr. Harbhajan Singh

You will find right understanding first lies in recognizing that there is a maker of the universe who is the controlling power and permeates all creation. This world did not come out of itself; there is a maker, and scientists lately have come to this conclusion, that the whole creation is controlled by some Power which is conscious.

So this is the first thing: the whole world is the manifestation of God, no East and no West, the earth below and the sky overhead is His manifestation.

So this is the first right understanding: We are living in Him, have our being in Him, He is in us, outside us, above us, below us. Like fish we have our existence in Him. That is right understanding.

And further: God made man with equal privileges, all born the same way, no high, no low; all have got the same outer concessions - eyes, ears, etc., - and all have the same inner concession: we are kept in the body by some higher Power which is the same for all. So this is right understanding: that we have this thing - God resides in every heart - and that all is holy where devotion kneels, all are born with the same privileges from God - no high, no low, no East, no West. And this will result in right thoughts.

On my last visit (during Sant Kirpal Singh's second world tour) a meeting was called for the East and the West. Others who were visiting America attended this meeting, and I was also one of them. Each man told us where he was from. When my turn came up, I told them: "It is said, of course, that `East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet.' But there is no East and no West: the whole creation is the House of our Father. All countries are so many rooms in that House. It is we who made these things, on account of our want of right understanding." So this is one thing; if you have this understanding, what will be the result? Your whole angle of vision will be changed; you will see that we are all children of God, the same Father. The true Fatherhood of God and brotherhood of man will be cemented.

Sant Kirpal Singh



All the differences can be solved with right understanding. Darkness can not be removed by fighting but by just having a ray of light of right understanding. We should sit together in the company of the spiritual people. those who have experience with their Self and Overself,  and have heart to heart talk with them.We then will come nearer to truth. This we can do only on the level of man or on the level of soul. If we will have experience of truth, we will understand that we are all children of the same light. We are brothers and sisters in God and children of the same Father.

                        Sant Kirpal Singh

It is said that the paras-stone converts eight metals into gold.Has one ever seen it? In the three worlds discrimination is the paras -stone which turns the eight elements into the gold (right understanding).

The right understanding will give you right thoughts. You'll see the things in their right perspective, by understanding: then right thoughts will be the outcome. Right thoughts will result in right speech. And right speech results in right action.


A human being can benefit from another to the extent of that person's knowledge. First, we should remem­ber that the whole world is at the mercy of the mind, which has four phases. One phase is absorbed atten­tion; the second is the result of that, in mind activity; the third phase dif­ferentiates through the intellect; and the fourth draws inferences out of that differentiation, through which an intoxicated, intense sense of plea­sure occurs – and this is pride.


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