How to overcome mind

We started on the way to meet God, but half way our mind came in between

 Mind is no small thing, and is not easy to conquer, but we should start by changing its direction. While its face remains turned toward the worldly things, the soul will be worldly, but if it turns around and faces the soul, the soul will become spiritual. We must turn round. When you are fully convinced that the fountainhead of peace and harmony is within and that you have the key and the means to tap within, you should not let the precious moments pass without deriving maximum spiritual benefit. You are simply to decide and then act.


Mind is accustomed from ages to hop about and live on things of the outer world. The more it goes out the more it is scattered and the less peaceful it is. Peace comes from within and not from without. One must invert within to get it. There is a sound of truth vibrating within – a song which is sung in every being. There is a great attraction in hearing the sound, through which all other attractions will fade away, and the stage of senses will be left behind: one becomes free of them.


"This mouse mind has become heavy by drinking the weight of God’s Name." The mind can be weighed down by the mercury-like quality of Naam, rendering it impossible to sun around loose or engage in its ever constant oscillation. There is no other means of controlling the mind.

The whole world – man, animal, bird, or insect – dances to the tune of the mind. Every creature is being tossed up and down by it. The only place when mind dances is when it is brought before the current. Only then it becomes helpless. It cannot be controlled by the study of scriptures nor by the performance of austerities; neither the soldier nor the warrior nor the conqueror nor the moralist have succeeded against it. He who ever succeeded against it did so by catching the sound current.

Sant Kirpal Singh

The mind is difficult to understand, for its net is strong and it has many departments. There is the Pind or physical mind,
Lost in the outer enjoyments. Then And and Brahmand, astral and causal mind. If one transcends all three, one realizes who one is.

Mind is no small thing, and is not easy to conquer, but we should start by changing its direction. Mind by itself is not conscious. It is the consciousness of the soul that the mind reflects. Anyone whose soul is under the mind’s influence and control becomes the image of the mind, for he forgets his true self.

The mind works through the rays of our thoughts and thus remains too close to the situation. This is the reason that within a moment it can create an other way. Mind has easy access to others‘ hearts and is responsible for creating good and bad thoughts in them. The thoughts through the mind on the level of senses are easily transmitted because of its emotional nature.

Mind controls the soul, sometimes through lust and emotions and sometimes it creates dreadful situations and creates due consequences, but it is all the times very careful not to create any problem for its self-pleasures. Mind has created barriers of misunderstanding from man to man, which are responsible for the so-called nefarious activities from the so-called tricky persons, who are posing as masters. If you overcome it with right understanding, it is nothing, otherwise it goads you to death in the three worlds.

Mind condition is like a honey bee, which hovers from flower to flower. With one attention it is at one place and with second attention it crosses the seven oceans, and still it does not stay anywhere and keeps our thoughts with it to play upon, whereas if the soul does not permit it, it cannot use the thoughts. All that is created in the world is the creation of mind, and mind wants to play with it, and is not satiated.

 Guru Nanak tells to the mind, “O my ignorant mind, stay at your own place.“

Mind creates anger, attachment, avarice, and violence, which has given birth to lot of problems in the world. Inspite of that man is ignorant about his mind. Being ignorant about the values of the truth, one says, “I am true. My mind does not accept it.“ Mind has spoiled the atmosphere all around, hardly there can be any place, which is not adulterated.

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