Discriminating power - free will - consciousness

Man differs from the whole creation in three aspects:

First he has the discriminating power. In the whole world only man is endowed with this discriminating power because he is next to God. Secondly he has the consciousness and thirdly he has come in the world with free will.

  • With discriminating power man can know what profits his soul and what not.
  • With free will man can determine his way of life, he is free to decide to go back to his Home eternal.
  • With consciousness he can know himself and can know God.

So far our free will is identified with our wishes and demands, the will of God does not work upon us, and we are subject to the downward trend of our life. When one‘s free will attunes to the will of God, one demands all goodness, peace and love of God for others and not for oneself.

Such awakened people become the light-house, who show the way to the ignorant and mind-willed people. God loves those who love His children. God thinks for him, who thinks for others.

Harbhajan Singh



Written by Dr. Harbhajan Singh

Soul is blessed to be born as a human being by the grace of God and is the highest rung in the whole creation and is next to God.

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