Selfless Service

Selfless service exceeds all virtues.
Selfless service overcomes the wishes.
Selfless service develops the spirit on the way back to God.
Selfless service clears the tentacles oft he three worlds.
Selfless service develops humility and humanity.
Selfless service helps to know the cause and effect of the world.
Selfless service is blessed with right understanding.
Selfless service develops us as conscious co-worker of the divine plan.

Harbhajan Singh


The meaning of true life is service and sacrifice. So long as you want, first and foremost, to be blessed yourselves and you expect others to administer to you, you will remain strangers to the way of spirituality. When you will wish others to be blessed, you will begin to speed on your way back to God.

Sant Kirpal Singh


Selfless service unto others is service to God, and service to God means service in devotion to the Master. Selfless service demands no reward – but the Masterpower gives the soul a reward for eternity.

If someone exspects a reward for his selfless service, his selfless service finishes. Selfless service means rewardless service unto HIm with whom you want to become one. Do it and forget what you have done, as it is not you who has done it, but the Master in you has helped you to do it.

Harbhajan Singh




"While one is doing the service to the Master, both are at work: the manbody and the mind. Both mind and body are fully busy. And what happens with the soul? The soul awakens and thus finds its way to the feet of the Master."

When the aspirant learns and yearns, he starts to weed out his imperfections. Then Master says, “Now the land is fertile, it is fit, the seed of Naam can be sown”. He sows the seed of Naam, and we are born in Him. This is the beginning of our life. We are then in the infancy period, and Master loves His child very much. We have come into the world, we are born with Master to learn more and more.

We are still like a child, and we have to learn a lot. Master loves His child very much. It is the mother who loves the child first and not the child who loves the mother; afterwards it becomes reciprocal. Master loves the child because He has to develop him. He has to develop him according to His own image. The child does not know that he has still lots of imperfections; he thinks that he was fit and therefore he was given the initiation. But Master knows that it is the beginning of his life and he has to learn throughout his life.

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