Spirituality - what it is

The term spirituality is often confused with blind faith in sacred books, a display of miracles, psychic phenomena, or yogic powers. Spirituality is an inner experience and its alphabet begins where all philosophy and yoga practices end. It is the experience of the soul. When one says, "I am the body", it is a feeling based on the intellect and is defined as ignorance. When he says, "I am not the body, I am an awakened soul", it is learnt knowledge or theory only; but when he gets an actual experience of the soul by self-analysis and contacts the Overself, it is called spirituality.

Spirituality is the science of the realized truth, or science of the beyond, and is based on practical experience of the Self in man. It is the inner knowledge which is laid down in the Holy Scriptures. These are fine records of the experiences of all competent Masters. They had realized the truth by entering inside and were able to give the same experiences to others. Their appeal is to follow their footsteps. What has been possible then is still possible now – "What a man has done, another man can do" – of course with proper help and guidance.

Spirituality is knowledge of the self – liberating yourself from mind and outgoing faculties at will. Rise above them and know that God Power which is controlling us in the body and controlling all of creation; come face-to-face with that Reality.

Sant Kirpal Singh


"Spirituality is a matter of pure self-analysis, rising above the body-consciousness.
To know God at the level of feelings or drawing inferences are subject to error.
Seeing is above all."

Manbody is the highest in all creation. It is an golden opportunity we have got, because in this manbody alone we can know God. And to know God we have to know ourselves first. Because God cannot be known by the outgoing fa­culties, by the mind or intellect. With the intellect we only try to grasp cer­tain things. It is the soul alone that can know the oversoul, because soul is of the same essence as that of God. God is All-Consciousness and our soul is a drop of the ocean of All-Consciousness.

So to know God we will have to know ourselves first. Like knows the like.

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