Everybody repeats that he loves God, that he loves somebody, but how many really know what love is?
Love is the attraction of the heart to something. It is a question of heart not of head.

Sant Kirpal Singh


Love means: not what we create in the world - that is attachment.

Love brings awareness. Love brings right understanding. Love will raise you above your senses. That will make you a holy person in the world. This is love.

Some poets say that love is one-sided. Yes it is one-sided, because of worldly love. Whereas the love of God is reciprocal because Master is the abode of love, He is an ocean of all consciousness, an ocean of love and we are born out of it. We are a drop of it. So, this love is very permanent. Love is that which knows the heart of the beloved.

Love is not that which changes.

Love is an eternal thing, no storms, no winds, changing circumstances of the world can change it and that comes when we know Him, or when we know that there is no way out. The love that changes, or we exchange the love of God with the worldly attachment, it’s no love.

Harbhajan Singh



The play of our love

Since the day of my meeting with my Beloved,
The play of our love has gone on ceaselessly!
I need not shut my eyes to anything,
Nor pierce my ears;
The mortification of the body is not for me!

I see Him everywhere with my eyes open,
Radiantly beautiful that He is!
All sounds that I utter call for His name!
Whatever I do becomes His worship!
Here or there, it is all the same to me.
Wherever I go, He is in the centre.
All my acts are a form of celebration.
Even in my sleep, He is with me in my embrace!
All around, it is He and no one else!







"Love is defamed in the world, because what we call love is not love. We love the perishable things, and our love perishes along with them. But the love of God is unperishable, that lives forever. This love gives us eternal life, a constant, unbreakable contact with the Godpower. It is ever fresh and does not change at any moment.
When you are embedded somewhere, you begin to grow there. Master says, “When you live in the heart of someone, naturally he will also start to live in your heart.”

All Masters who come bring the religion of love. They say that there is a Maker of all this creation, that He is controlling all this creation, and that same Power is controlling you in your body. God is love. Our soul is of the same essence as that of God – it has love innate in itself – and the way back to God is also through love.

In the Bible is given the same thing: Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul, with all thy strength, and with all thy mind. And the second is like unto it: Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. Kabir and all other Masters have said the same thing.


We want to meet somebody who can tell us about the man whom we want to meet. So by hearing his words, our attention is diverted in that direction. Even to think of Him about whom we have heard, naturally you would like, when that desire grows strong, to meet Him. You would like to be in that country where He resides. When you reach that country, you would like to go to the town where He lives. When you go to that town, you won't stay anywhere, but will go straight to His house. This is but natural.

So for those who have got the human body, this is the golden opportunity in which they can go back to their Father, but first of all, they have to know about the Father.

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