Let your home be peaceful, as a peaceful home contributes much toward success in the spiritual practices.

To him whose home is heaven, the whole world is heaven. How can anyone hope to realize the Lord if they declare they serve Him and ignore the needs of others?


If you have children, or father, mother, wife, husband, see the Light of God in them.

He has united you in this relationship, not merely for an outer bond but to see and serve God in them.

If you do so, there will be no bondage in your relationships.

Bondage occurs only when the I-hood steps in and the Lord is forgotten.

So you can do all the world's work, but live like a compass whose needle always points in one direction

Sant Kirpal Singh



For to bring a spiritual atmosphere in the family Sant Kirpal Singh suggests:

Every home should have a church – a temple, a gurdawara, or mosque – call it what you will; then morning and evening the whole family, big and small, should sit down in remembrance of God. The children’s lives will change, and yours also. Example is always better than precept and seeing you doing what is right, the children will copy you. We are in fact responsible for the coming generation’s character, and if we will not change, how can we expect that character to be decent and upright?




"Master says that the love of the husband lies in the heart of the wife, and the love of the wife lies in the heart of the husband."

The waterlily is a plant that blooms at night only when the moon is full. This flower has a close connection with the moon, although they are very far from each other. Distance is no bar, they are very close.

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