Conscious co-worker

The only way to become a conscious co-worker of the divine plan is to know that He’s doing it, you are not.
You will have to become a mouthpiece of God. Masters speak as inspired by God, and we all have to become that.
There’s nothing to be afraid of. Every king wants his son to be a king, not a minister. Every Saint wants his man coming up to be a Saint.

Sant Kirpal Singh


In the Holy Scriptures it is said: „He who sees Him in all and all in Him, is His real disciple.“
A Gurmukh (or conscious co-worker of the divine plan) is a living example in the world.
His motto is to create this phenomenon for all others.


The Gurmukh is like a fruit tree, nourished by his Master, he gives fruit to everybody.
He does not keep the fruit for himself, as throughout his life he bears fruit and nourishes others.


His loveable thoughts are like a shadow of the green tree, which provides rest and comfort for the weary and tired.
By good thoughts he bears flowers and spreads the smell. By doing good deeds he bears fruit.
The heritage in the Gurmukh is meant for spending. He begs from his Master for others and spends for others.
More he spends, more the heritage grows.


By wishing and spending he makes his Master known everywhere as the sole distributor of the wealth of heritage.
His main yearning is to provide the truth to everyone so that all praise the One and speak of the One.
His purpose is to remove the duality through the very holy hints and true facts of life.


The Gurmukh in his astral stages had fulfilled all good wishes of his Master,
and in lieu of that his Master finished all the desires of the Gurmukh.
Since the grand wish of the Master has fermented in the heart of His Gurmukh,
the Gurmukh acts upon only with the grand wish of his Master.


Though God manifests everywhere, it is the Gurmukh in whom the presence of God is felt by others,
because the Godly attributes shine in his life;
the radiation in his life attracts others to ask him about the God-into-Expression Power.

                                                                                                                 From the book "Gurmukh" by Dr Harbhajan Singh



The Gurmukh’s life is lived in constant remembrance (of Him).
The new life starts from initiation, and then he lives on remembrance, remembrance, remembrance
which increases that new life – it begins to surge within.

Q. To what extent is outer behaviour indicative of inner spiritual growth?
Sant Kirpal Singh: A keen sense of self-abnegation and self-naughting is the outward expression of one’s spiritual progress. It is not exhibited to hide our weaknesses but to actually make one feel in the heart of hearts that one is nothing but a mere tiny cog in the vast machinery of divine purposes. One who becomes a Conscious Co-worker of the Divine Plan, never assert but humbly describes in third person. He never despises any one but always relishes to offer loving help and assistance to others. He does not criticize, but narrates the facts of life in a selfless manner for our spiritual benefit.

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